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The limited edition special dry hop Tower Station is available at Mountain Top Brewing Supply. Photo by Mike Williams

Last month, just before midnight on Halloween, the freaks and geeks of the Masters of Brewtality crypt crawled out from their various holes and converged on the Monte Vista for a diabolical evening that shook the world of the supernatural to its very core. The setting was, naturally, the most haunted in the entire building: the infamous room 305, once featured on Unsolved Mysteries. We’re pleased to say the séance brought out all the hotel’s heavy hitters. The Phantom Bellboy showed up first, with an eerie rapping on the door. The two “ladies of the night” from room 306 were next, and they were happy to share sordid stories of love, lust and money from the city’s bygone Wild West era. The rocking chair creaked back and forth for the entirety of the evening as vintage lights flickered and assorted poltergeists and spooks all made their way in. 

When the room was filled and the séance had reached a fever staff, we pulled a black blanket off a pile on the table revealing the true reason for this unholy assembly: We had samples of the limited release collaboration Tower Station from High Altitude Home Brew Supply and Mother Road. This special dry hopped take on one of the state’s most popular craft beers didn’t disappoint, either. Smooth, hoppy and crisp from start to finish, this beer is selling out faster than a feeble hearted tourist runs from room 305. We had High Altitude owner Adam Harrington up for the whole scene to get the scoop on its new location and this delicious take on one of our favorites.  

MOB: Tell us a little about the new location on the east side.

Adam Harrington: We moved over there in April and got our liquor license three months after that. Right now, we hold an on-premise license, so we’re allowed to sell non-spirituous liquor. Basically, anything that’s not distilled like beer, wine, mead and sake. We’re in the process of looking for a beer and wine bar license and opening up a taproom.

But you’re not serving anyone’s homebrew, right?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to serve anything anyone’s made without a producer’s license. So we’re focusing on stuff that we enjoy drinking and stuff we can talk about. Unique beers and wines, Arizona stuff and ones you can make yourself. So if you come in and say you like something, we can figure out how you can brew it on your own. That was the focus, is folks replicating the beers at home.

How was the move from Olive The Best over to the new spot?

We’ve just been focusing on guerilla marketing and social media. Moving helped us a lot. We were in a back storage room without a sign, no parking and no windows. My plants were dying… Now we’ve got a storefront and we actually look like a legitimate business. We have people walking past and seeing us, which has helped. We’re doing more marketing hoping to drive more people our way in the region and let them know we have brewing supplies so you don’t have to drive down to Phoenix or go online. You can keep your money here on the mountain, support a local business and get the freshest ingredients.

There’s also the community aspect, too. You host the home brewer club meetings on premises, so people can physically interact within the medium.  

Yeah, every first Tuesday of the month, we hold the Mountaintop Mashers meeting at 7 p.m. in the back room so people can come in and share their brews. We close down so the liquor license isn’t active and people can bring their stuff in, taste it and talk about it. It’s pretty much a little private party with a bunch of home brewers.

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Tell us about this delicious dry hopped Tower Station.

The collaboration came about when I got my liquor license. I wanted to do something that separates me from everyone who sells beer out here, so I reached out to Michael Marcus, one of the owners of Mother Road where I used to work. I asked if he’d like to put out a special batch of beer to celebrate the grand opening and threw down some ideas. We decided it’d be easiest to do a variance of Tower Station since it’s one of my go-to’s and a sweetheart in Arizona. 

Making it hoppier seemed like the right way to go. So we changed up the hop addition in the whirlpool by taking out the Simcoe. Once you turn the heat off in the brewing process, it’s still hot but not boiling, so the whirlpool addition is adding the aromatic qualities without getting the bitterness. From there, we doubled down on Citra, which is a very tropical and floral fruity hop. And then, again in the dry hop, we doubled down on Citra, added Azacca, which is strong on the tropical fruit notes, and added an Australian hop called Ella, which is a fairly spicy, fruity character. Almost a black pepper character… And the last hop was Pacific Gem from New Zealand. Then they were kind enough to slap my face on the label [and] write a really kind overview on what I’m trying to do with the new shop.

This limited edition dry hopped version of Tower Station is officially sold out at Mother Road, so if you’re looking to take try this fantastic tweek on a Flagstaff favorite, head on over to Mountain Top Brewing Supply. 

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