A WOMAN with a rare facial condition refuses to let trolls make her feel anything less than beautiful and empowered. Lu Dorini, 41, from Mangueirinha, Brazil, was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM) when she was a baby. Lu’s facial growth developed on her chin and is nourished by four arteries, making it incredibly dangerous to remove. Since she was born, she has undergone 19 life-threatening surgeries. However, she refuses to let her facial difference bring down her confidence. Lu told Truly: “To me, self-love is the key - I’ve always loved myself.” When Lu was growing up, she wouldn’t talk about her AVM as she wanted people to see her as a person rather than a condition. But after years of silence, Lu made the decision to open up. “I started using social media and created a blog - it started small but kept growing.” With over 70,000 followers from all over the world, Lu’s social media presence has gone from strength to strength. The downside to this means facing harsh comments from trolls, however, Lu doesn't let them affect her anymore. “In the beginning when people were mean I used to cry and feel bad,” she admitted. “But now I see those mean people are small and they are nothing to the world - so I just leave the haters behind.” Lu’s key advice for anyone suffering with self-esteem issues is to never compare and to always be kind to yourself: “Self-esteem is like a flower that needs to be watered everyday - I do it all the time.” Social:https://www.instagram.com/ludorini/

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