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Everything you need to know about booking cheap flights right now (Hint: Don’t do it)

Chances are you’ve seen plenty of cheap flights in the past few weeks, but there is a lot to consider before you hand over your credit card number and make a booking. Read more


Hotel Room Upgrade Myth: The best time to snag an upgrade is when you’re checking in.

Miller says that the decision on a guest’s upgrade is almost always made at the front desk before they check-in, so don’t expect an upgrade day-of — although if the hotel is wide open with rooms, that may be a different story. If the hotel is tight on availability, the decision might have been made a few weeks prior. “The more time and prep they can have, the better chances you’ll have (of getting the upgrade),” says Miller. “(Asking) last-minute, as you check in, will give you the smallest chance possible.” Read more


Hotel Room Upgrade Myth: Celebrating a special occasion is a sure-fire way to get an upgrade.

If you’re planning a special trip or staycation to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, it might seem like a good idea to see if you can get a hotel room upgrade. After all, it’s a festive celebration, and chances are, the hotel has some empty suites anyway. Right? Maybe. Read more


Hotel Room Upgrade Myth: If you check-in to a hotel at a certain time of day you’re more likely to get an upgrade.

“This myth links back to receiving an upgrade for celebrating a special occasion: The more you communicate ahead of time, the more likely you are to get that upgrade,” says Miller. However, he says, there are certain times of the day you might be less likely to get an upgrade. Read more

Florida's Grayton Beach No. 1 in top-10 US list

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The sand along the coast of Grayton Beach State Park is so unique, some say it speaks to you. Read more


How hotels are doubling down on hygiene — and what that means for your next stay

CHICAGO - The coronavirus crisis has not only sent the hotel industry reeling by cratering occupancy rates. It's forcing hotels to ramp up their cleaning protocols and hygiene - things that will be more of a priority for consumers in a post-pandemic world, where safe is the new sexy. "What would have been in the back of customers' minds is now front and center," said Phil Cordell, Hilton's ... Read more


Travel industry offers new safety procedures in bid to revive business

Hoping to give Americans confidence to travel again, the nation's biggest travel trade group has unveiled enhanced cleaning, social distancing and touchless payment procedures for hotels, airlines, airports, theme parks, restaurants and cruise lines. The protocols by the U.S. Travel Association are an attempt by travel business leaders to help revive an industry that was setting profit and ... Read more


A paramedic's 7 essentials for a COVID-19 travel kit

An increasing number of states are easing the pandemic restrictions and travel is beginning to reemerge. Travelers looking to get back on t… Read more


Family travel five: Preparing for flight during coronavirus

Many families are debating if, when and how they might travel in the weeks and months ahead. If you are pondering the possibility of air tr… Read more


The 6 biggest myths about hotel room upgrades (and how to score one)

Talking your way into a hotel upgrade requires a lot more than an extra dose of charm as you approach the front desk — and, as it turns out… Read more

Hotel Room Upgrade Myth: All the rooms are full.

Not so fast: If the front desk says they don’t have any rooms available for an upgrade, there’s a chance that some might simply be rooms that are “out of service” — and you might be able to negotiate an upgrade with them. And no, this doesn’t mean you’ll be dealing with a broken shower, says TravelFreak CEO Jeremy Foster. Read more

Hotel Room Upgrade Myth: If you’re asking for an upgrade, you might as well mention your room preferences.

The best way to ask for a room upgrade is to keep things pretty open-ended — the less flexibility you give the front desk, the less flexibility they have to give you an upgrade. Read more

Hotel Room Upgrade Myth: It’s easier to get an upgrade if you’re only spending one night.

Au contraire. Even though you might think it makes more sense for a hotel to grant an upgrade request if you’re staying just one night — given it loses less money on not having a paying guest take the fancy room — those who are staying for multiple nights might actually have a better chance of getting upgrade. Read more

Make your post-COVID travel lists

Cristina Castagnini, Ph.D., CEDS, in San Ramon, Calif., canceled a trip to Ojai to visit her son. But she plans on making the most of this isolated time by researching trips to Aruba and Hawaii. “Dopamine is released in large amounts when we anticipate a pleasurable experience, such as taking a fun trip or vacation,” she explains. “It’s also triggered when we plan, dream, imagine and actively strive to get things we desire, like a trip or a vacation. People also feel the hope-inducing, motivational power of dopamine whenever they start to do things like plan a trip online.” Read more

Take a travel-related online tour

Sattler explains that when you’re anticipating an upcoming trip, “Emotionally you get a sense of hope and anticipation. Planning for future positive events gives a person a sense of hopefulness and purpose.” To fight feelings of disappointment and sadness over canceled events, she recommends taking virtual visits to museums or tours. And she’s learning from her own advice. After canceling a trip to New York this year, she’s looking forward to visiting Spain and Italy in 2021. She says, “Mentally leap forwards — not backwards.” Read more