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At Japan theme park, guests zipline into Godzilla's mouth

A theme park ride that opened in October in Japan lets guests zipline into the gaping mouth of a massive "life-size" Godzilla statue. Read more


Renting Hotels for Big Events Is Dirt-Cheap … for Now

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4 Benefits You Need From Your Travel Credit Card in 2021

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That COVID-19 airline refund you're entitled to might require you to … uncomplain

Most airlines won't be getting good conduct medals for their handling of refunds for flights they canceled when the pandemic brought the world — and the airline industry — to its knees. Some carriers whined; some dragged their feet; many tried to solve their liquidity problems by offering vouchers to consumers instead of cash. Read more


The CDC's latest travel guidelines, explained

The world is full of uncertainty these days. But if your family is thinking about gathering for the holidays with friends or relatives, these answers to common questions might help you stay safe. Read more


Changed Travel Plans on the Menu This Thanksgiving

Turkey Day will look different this year for many Americans because of the pervasive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Three in 5 U.S. adults who had Thanksgiving travel plans (60%)… Read more


Should You Book Holiday Travel Now or Later?

Conventional wisdom usually suggests booking holiday travel early. After all, popular destinations book up early in a typical year, and there are hardly any last-minute deals anyway. But 2020 is… Read more


How to safely stay at a hotel or motel

There's no place like home. But with care, you can reduce the risks that come with spending a night in a hotel or motel. Half of the battle… Read more


TSA shares tips for 2020 Thanksgiving holiday travel

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Family travel five: Venturing out brings in good vibes

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Plan meals accordingly

If you can’t have a fire, it limits your dining options greatly. Plan ahead by packing food and snacks that don’t require cooking. If you’ve got a cooler, one convenient option is to grab a few pre-made sandwiches from the local grocery store for the trip. Sure, it doesn’t have the same appeal as a fire-roasted hot dog, but you’ll be full and you won’t risk burning the forest down. Read more

Look forward to stargazing

Without bright light from a campfire blocking out the view, you’ll likely have a much better view of the stars if it’s a clear night. Look forward to this. Read more

Be aware of other potential fire hazards

If there’s a fire ban or fire restriction in place, it’s also important to be aware of other potential fire hazards that may not involve a campfire. Don’t park your hot car over dry fuels and avoid leaving glass bottles in direct sunlight, as this has been known to spark a blaze in the same way that a magnifying glass can. Read more

Where to stay

Family groups often choose to share a beach house, condo or cabins. Camping, glamping and RV travel also provide good options for shared fun paired with plenty of space for all. Consider accommodations with access to a kitchen. You’ll have the option to stock up early and eliminate the exposure multiple grocery store stops and dining establishments might pose. Read more