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Road trip, anyone? Labor Day gas prices may be lowest in 16 years, study finds

GasBuddy is predicting the national average price for a gallon of gas will be down to $2.19 by Sept. 7. That would be the lowest price that gas has been on Labor Day since it was $1.82 in 2004. Read more


Virtuoso reveals travel trends for fall, holidays and 2021

Virtuoso has found that more and more people fed up with months at home are ready to get out and travel. High-end travelers are especially intrigued by work- and learn-from-anywhere offers that can extend to weeks- to monthslong vacations. Read more


6 National Parks to Visit This Fall, and Where to Stay on Points

You may feel like this spring and summer blurred together and passed by as you stayed home amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but fall is a season that undeniably feels like… Read more


How to Find Travel Insurance That Offers COVID Coverage

Traveling now carries with it more uncertainty than ever before. If you plan on traveling anytime soon, one thing you can do to protect yourself is get a trip insurance… Read more


Ed Perkins on Travel: More about your next trip

Pretty soon, many of you will be sufficiently discontented with staying home that you’ll plan to travel again. And at least some travel looks to be feasible as soon as this fall and winter. But with limitations. Worldwide and nationally, COVID isn’t going to slink off into history any time soon. Travel planning must still be constrained by COVID — along with other issues. Read more


Go away with ... Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Photo credit: Peter Berube Read more


Rick Steves’ Europe: Today’s Berlin: Freedom’s victory dance

As we’ve had to postpone our travels because of the pandemic, I believe a weekly dose of travel dreaming can be good medicine. Here are some of my favorite European memories from Berlin — a reminder of the learning adventures that await us at the other end of this crisis. Read more


How to make the most of a no-burn excursion


5 tips for families and friends considering a group getaway

After months of staying home, many families are eager to put travel plans back on the calendar. Some are creating travel pods — small group… Read more


Family travel five: Beauty blooms in these gardens

Awash in color, scent and texture, gardens are a welcome gift from the natural world. Here are five places where beauty is blooming: Read more

Plan meals accordingly

If you can’t have a fire, it limits your dining options greatly. Plan ahead by packing food and snacks that don’t require cooking. If you’ve got a cooler, one convenient option is to grab a few pre-made sandwiches from the local grocery store for the trip. Sure, it doesn’t have the same appeal as a fire-roasted hot dog, but you’ll be full and you won’t risk burning the forest down. Read more

Look forward to stargazing

Without bright light from a campfire blocking out the view, you’ll likely have a much better view of the stars if it’s a clear night. Look forward to this. Read more

Be aware of other potential fire hazards

If there’s a fire ban or fire restriction in place, it’s also important to be aware of other potential fire hazards that may not involve a campfire. Don’t park your hot car over dry fuels and avoid leaving glass bottles in direct sunlight, as this has been known to spark a blaze in the same way that a magnifying glass can. Read more

Where to stay

Family groups often choose to share a beach house, condo or cabins. Camping, glamping and RV travel also provide good options for shared fun paired with plenty of space for all. Consider accommodations with access to a kitchen. You’ll have the option to stock up early and eliminate the exposure multiple grocery store stops and dining establishments might pose. Read more

Style matters

Not everyone’s parenting style is in sync. And, months of managing work, school and life commitments from the kitchen table has frayed more than a few edges. Read more