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These are the most popular national parks in America

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Ed Perkins on Travel: Summer 2021: What's up with airlines?

"May you live in interesting times" is an ancient Chinese curse probably composed by an English gentleman in maybe 1898. Regardless of the quip's provenance, today is certainly "interesting times" for the airline business. As you plan your increasingly likely summer or fall trip, you need to take heed of a few key developments. Read more


Enjoy the wildlife: Your best wild animal photos from our Destinations Photo Contest

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Main Street of America: Route 66 attractions state by state

Known as the “Mother Road” of the U.S., Route 66 connects Chicago to Los Angeles. Stacker compiled a list of 50 Route 66 attractions for an… Read more


Most popular national parks in America

Stacker compiled data from the National Park Service on the number of recreational visits each site had in 2020 to determine the most popul… Read more

Q. Are COVID-19 tests required?

A. Many of the countries where cruises are launching this summer require COVID tests. Be sure to check requirements. Read more

Q. Will masks be required on board?

A. Royal Caribbean Group, including Celebrity Cruises, has not yet decided whether passenger will be required to wear masks. Read more

Fewer Americans plan to travel this holiday season

No matter which surveys and analyses you follow, one thing is for certain – fewer Americans are going to be traveling during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Both AAA Travel and the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) predict that as many as two-thirds of Americans will end up staying at home as the coronavirus continues a surge of second wave of positive tests across virtually ... Read more

Q. What if I’m not vaccinated?

A. If you’re not fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends getting a PCR test three to five days before the cruise; afterward, you should stay home for seven days even if you test negative. Read more

3. What is and isn’t covered by trip cancellation insurance will vary by provider, said Moncrief of Squaremouth.

Here are some events that may be covered by a standard trip cancellation policy: getting COVID-19; being exposed to COVID-19 and being required to quarantine; and needing to care for ill family members who have COVID-19. Read more