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Guest Column: Why my children are getting the COVID-19 vaccine

When facing a vicious infection, there is nothing as effective as a vaccine to protect yourself. We know this from both historic public hea… Read more

Guest Editorial: Two-state solution still best option

As his administration dispatched an envoy to meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials, President Joe Biden expressed hope Wednesday that… Read more

Guest Editorial: Serious mistake to punish Liz Cheney

House Republicans in Washington will decide Wednesday whether to oust Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership role in the House. That’s… Read more

Guest Column: Will Biden’s ‘build back better’ take care of the baby bust too?

Maybe we should have seen it coming last spring. That’s when the Mayo Clinic laid down the law for singles in the dating game. Avoid kissin… Read more

Guest Editorial: Keep Title IX sex assault rules constitutional

A politically diverse group in Congress has formed to root out sexual abuse by employees at universities. This bipartisan approach is neede… Read more


Letter to the Editor: F3 shows support for NCC zone amendment

Friends of Flagstaff’s Future (F3) supports the Neighborhood Community Commercial (NCC) zone amendment discussed at the April 27 Flagstaff … Read more

COVID relief hasn't reached everyone who needs it

The U.S. economy is in better shape than many realize. But that doesn't mean the disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic haven't left behind… Read more

Coconino Voices: PRO Act legislation would hurt local businesses

Arizona businesses and workers have had an incredibly challenging year given the economic slowdown that followed in the wake of the coronav… Read more

Guest Column: Horse racing needs to reckon with its drug issue

It’s difficult — almost next to impossible — to predict the outcome of the Kentucky Derby, the jewel in thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown.… Read more

Guest Column: President Biden, take the next step at Grand Staircase-Escalante

The White House is moving forward judiciously in pursuing President Joe Biden’s goal of conserving 30% of the nation’s land, fresh water an… Read more


COUNTERPOINT: 4 big problems with Biden’s ‘infrastructure' plan

The Biden administration is promoting its American Jobs Plan as an “infrastructure” proposal. In reality, it’s a gargantuan tax-and-spend p… Read more


POINT: Once-in-a-generation infrastructure investment is needed

As President Joe Biden addressed a joint session of Congress recently, he highlighted a fundamental truth about his American Jobs Plan. For… Read more


View from Mars Hill: 125 years and counting -- the 24-inch Clark Telescope

Perhaps no part of the Flagstaff skyline, save for the majestic San Francisco Peaks, is as iconic — or timeless — as Lowell Observatory’s C… Read more


EarthTalk: Is XPRIZE used to address climate change?

Dear EarthTalk: I’ve heard of XPRIZE, which funds innovations in space exploration technology. Is XPRIZE used to address climate change or … Read more


Thinning and fire make ponderosa forests healthier amid climate change, new Northern Arizona University study shows


There is some good news for the outlook of ponderosa pine trees in the face of a warming climate. That’s according to a new study by researchers with the Ecological Restoration Institute at Northern Arizona University. Read more

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Publisher's Note: The Daily Sun's ongoing role in Flagstaff

Colleen Brady is the publisher and ad director of the Arizona Daily Sun. Read more

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Letter to the Editor: Native American genocide part of reason to support bill

I fully support HB 2241. I agree with Mr. Krondorfer that the Arizona Senate should vote on it as soon as possible ("Educator wants to see … Read more


Letter to the Editor: Retired teacher believes more needs to be done for schools

I am a retired FUSD teacher and substitute teacher. I have had the opportunity to substitute for teachers this year. Teachers are working h… Read more


Letter to the Editor: Flagstaff educators and supporters shun invitation to dinner

Dear Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce: Although we recognize the gesture of a Teacher Appreciation Dinner, we respectfully decline the invitat… Read more

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Richard Kyte: We can learn a lot from working with our hands

Opinion: If there is one thing you learn from working in the world of things — whether it is farming, manufacturing or construction — it is that intentions are very different from results. Read more


COUNTERPOINT: The path to restoring journalism as a pillar of our democracy

Dorothy Butler Gilliam, the first Black woman reporter at The Washington Post, said in 2019, “When journalists are being called ‘an enemy o… Read more


POINT: Americans’ trust in media is broken; here’s how to fix it

Americans’ trust in the national news media is low and getting worse. Mainstream journalism has lost the respect of much of the public, tho… Read more