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Freedom of the press crucial to support

I do not think this can be repeated too much: Read more

Teaching digitally leaves students unfulfilled

It is surprising to find a writer (Skees, Daily Sun 08/15) needing to beat the drum for technology in education. History well documents the… Read more

Public should know forest service is changing trails

Rick Smith (Daily Sun August 12) should be careful what he wishes for. The Forest Service is in the process of closing trails like Elden Lo… Read more

Education remains priority for Arizona candidates

I was shocked to read the ADS publication of a front-page article from a reporter out of Washington asserting that education issues have fa… Read more

Rogers the right choice for Arizona's 1st District

I had the pleasure of meeting Colonel Wendy Rogers the Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress, AZ District 1. Read more

Council candidates should be aware of bond specifics

I would like to correct some of the City Council candidate perceptions regarding the housing affordability bond. Read more

Flagstaff History: Freak bolt of lightning hits W. Birch home

125 Years Ago Read more

Carpenter's Column: Correcting a whole bunch of mistakes

Editors’ Note: We and Mr. Carpenter would like to thank the readers who brought to our attention several factual errors that appeared in hi… Read more

New meteor tracking station at Meteor Crater

Fifty thousand years ago, a nickel-iron meteorite blasted a hole on the plains some 35 miles east of present-day Flagstaff, creating the fe… Read more

Glass, stainless steel take over for plastic bottles

Dear EarthTalk: It’s finally time for me to retire my trusty old Nalgene and upgrade my water bottle. Are any brands or models particularly… Read more

PRO: Space Force, done right, will move US ahead

There is an honest debate to be had over whether the United States needs a separate armed service that’s focused on space. But President Do… Read more

CON: It’s another Trump idea that belongs on a Hollywood launch pad

Throughout the history of the republic, American presidents have come up with some rather cockamamie ideas and programs. Read more

The high price of high tariffs

August marks one year since the Trump administration began its trade war with China. And yet, despite months of tit-for-tat with Beijing in… Read more

Trump turns on ‘lowlife’ hires, Kelly reaps mess

It’s hard to gin up sympathy for anyone in a White House that’s deliberately dysfunctional, but in the bizarre case of the firing of a TV c… Read more

Updates on L Motel murder, other northern Arizona cases


While one of the four co-defendants in the September 2017 murder at the L Motel received three year… Read more



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