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Most loved this week

ADOT Route 66 bridge replacement comes with added benefits to Flagstaff

Thousands of commuters cross the Historic Route 66 Rio de Flag bridge everyday -- some without real…

Letter to the Editor: Local feels Flagstaff City Council coming up short on housing

On June 1, Mayor Deasy and the city councilmembers killed a project to build 140 desperately needed…

Wednesday community market comes to downtown Flagstaff

Wednesday evening will bring a new community market to downtown Flagstaff. The Flagstaff Downtown B…

CCC and Habitat for Humanity of Northern Arizona join forces to build 'starter homes'

Coconino Community College needs to offer real-world experience to the students in the Construction Technology Management program. Habitat for Humanity of Northern Arizona needs workers to help build affordable homes for Flagstaff.

Northern Arizona University renames buildings to honor past presidents

Northern Arizona University President Rita Cheng announced on Friday, June 4, that she would rename…

Making an imprint on Africa: Flagstaffian casts wildlife tracks to help endangered species

Dead-of-night thoughts, whether fleeting or fully formed, usually are well forgotten in the clarify…


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