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8 ways to fall back asleep after waking in the night

Here are eight tips from sleep and anxiety experts on how to shut down that whirling dervish of a brain and coax your body back into much-needed sleep. Read more


Common causes for bad breath and easy fixes

If you’ve ever gotten that not-so-fresh feeling on a date, at a job interview or just talking with friends, you’re not alone. Buzz60’s Mari… Read more


Tips for heading back to school during the pandemic

As more students go back to school for the first time during the pandemic, many parents may be wondering what to expect. Here are some tips… Read more


Why kids are hitting the pandemic wall

After almost a full year of grappling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, including nearly nine months of virtual school, 11-year-old London Loree simply has had enough. Read more


Have stethoscope, will travel: Texas nurses adjust to life in Flagstaff and FMC in a time of COVID

SAM MCMANIS Sun Staff Reporter

Their house off Lake Mary Road looks thoroughly lived-in, well-appointed and homey, as tidy and unc… Read more


Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine gets the nod from CDC

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisers voted Sunday to recommend the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine for the US, and CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky almost immediately signed off on the recommendation. Read more


What women should know about their heart health

While women's heart care has significantly improved in the past 20 years, there is still much to learn about heart disease in women. Read more


The US is about to get a third coronavirus vaccine. Here's how it's different from the others

The United States is poised to get a third coronavirus vaccine -- this one made by Johnson & Johnson. Read more

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How much caffeine is in 10 types of drinks

Zest Tea used data from the Mayo Clinic to compile a list of 10 types of caffeinated drinks and how they affect users’ health. Read more


Watch Now: Helpful parenting advice during difficult times, and more videos to improve your life

Check out some advice on parenting during difficult times, some heart healthy activities other than cardio, and more videos to improve your… Read more


Watch Now: How to overcome shyness in social settings, and more videos to improve your life

Check out some tips on how to come out of your shyness shell, the reason you may be spending so much money on Amazon, some of the habits of… Read more

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Look Up Your Hospital: Is It Being Penalized By Medicare?

Each year, Medicare punishes hospitals that have high rates of readmissions and high rates of infections and patient injuries. Check out which hospitals have been penalized. Read more

Los mercados de seguros de salud reabrieron. Esto es lo que necesitas saber

En enero, el presidente Joe Biden firmó una orden ejecutiva para abrir el mercado federal de seguros de salud durante tres meses, hasta el 15 de mayo. Read more

The ACA Marketplace Is Open Again for Insurance Sign-Ups. Here’s What You Need to Know.

On Monday, the federal insurance exchange reopened for an unusual midyear special enrollment period. People who are uninsured can buy a plan, and those who want to change their marketplace coverage can do so. Here are some answers about how it works. Read more