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Publisher & Editor

Colleen Brady Publisher & Ad Director 928-556-2279
Chris Etling Editor 928-556-2274


Brian Wallingford Circulation Director 928-913-8616
Paul Garcia 928-913-8614
Donna Tohonnie Field Service Agent 928-913-8613


Jake Bacon Chief Photographer 928-556-2258
Rachel Gibbons Photographer
Sean Golightly Reporter
Michael Hartman Associate Editor 928-556-2255
Abigail Kessler Reporter - Education, Health
Eric Newman Sports Editor

Advertising | Classifieds and Amplified Digital Services

Zachary Meier Retail and Key Account Manager 928-913-8611
Heather Weisberger Account Executive 928-913-8669

Press & Production

Jennifer Tompkins Building and Packaging Supervisor 928-556-2243
Tom Kremple Pressroom Supervisor 928-913-8626


Svea Conrad Niche Editor 928-556-2262


Direct Impression Business Services

Angila Menter DIBS 928-526-9600

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