TUCSON (AP) — A 29-acre piece of property for sale near Tubac offers one especially unusual feature: it's built to withstand a nuclear bomb explosion.

The property, the site of a former Cold War missile silo, includes an underground missile command center.

But don't expected to move right into the concrete-dome control center or to stroll along the spring-suspended cable way connecting the command to the outside world. The facility was gutted when the silo was dismantled.

"It's definitely a unique property that will take someone with a real vision," said Todd Harrison, a Tubac real estate agent who is helping sell the property.

The Tubac site is one of 18 in southern Arizona that once housed the U.S. Air Force's Titan 2 Missiles. They've all since been disabled and only one — the Titan Missile Museum near Green Valley — still has a missile.

In 1982, the federal government closed the sites, blew up the silos and either auctioned the properties to the public or passed them on to government agencies like the U.S. Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management.

Unlike many deactivated missile command centers and silos throughout the Midwest, the ones in southern Arizona are mostly uninhabitable because of intentional damage done to them when they were closed, said retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Orville Doughty.

"It would be impractical," said Doughty, a former missile maintenance squadron commander who helped establish the Titan Missile Museum.

The one for sale, known as "Site 7," is being offered by Pete and Pat Goshia, who purchased the property in the late 1980s with intentions of building a resort.

The Goshias built a four-suite inn and a restaurant they called the Burro Inn and Restaurant. The couple closed the restaurant in January 2002 and want to retire in northern Colorado, so they're auctioning the entire property through the Internet Web site eBay. The asking price is $1.4 million.

— Arizona Daily Sun

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