We'd like to thank you for your participation in the Christian Cameron Watson blood drive. Not many people in this world experience first hand what the contribution of blood really and truly means. On July 20, 2011 our family was challenged with one of those experiences. Although the final outcome was tragic, the overwhelming feeling of giving was beautiful. Our five year old son, Christian, received between 2 to 3 transfusions while in the emergency room, which allowed his heart to beat once more and gave us the opportunity to say goodbye.

We have always been avid blood donors, with the belief that it was always going to help "someone else." We never thought that we would be the recipients of that gift. This has only strengthened our family's conviction in donating blood, any and every opportunity that we have. We want to thank you again, from the deepest parts of our hearts, for being involved in this blood drive.

Christian had a giving soul and loved coming with us to blood drives, due to the unending table of snacks and juices. He could sitback, relax, and enjoy. Christian loved everyone and we believe that this is a way to carry on that love.

Thank you. Cameron, Kari, Nevan and Christian Watson


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