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Today is National Ice Cream Day.

It happens on the third Sunday in July each year, by presidential proclamation from President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

To celebrate, here’s a taste of the sweet success of a few local ice cream parlor owners in Flagstaff.

Donna Menneke, owner of the Flagstaff Dairy Queen, 603 S. Milton Road

Business facts: Menneke said she “married into the business" 33 years ago and employs 25 people.

Flagstaff history: The Dairy Queen building in Flagstaff has always been a Dairy Queen, since it was built in 1952.

Cone count: The Flagstaff Dairy Queen sells about 500 ice cream cones a day, about half dipped in chocolate, cherry or butterscotch, not to mention Blizzards.

Personal favorite: A small chocolate ice cream cone, because it’s “a simple, sweet, enjoyable dessert.”

Flagstaff’s favorite: Oreo cookie ice cream. The store uses about 200 pounds of Oreos per week for Blizzard treats and cakes.

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day: “We should all stop what we’re doing and sit down and have ice cream,” Menneke said.

Rochan Goswami, owner of Cold Stone Creamery, 2080 S. Milton Road # 500

Business facts: Goswami had taken a break from work life to have twins and jumped at the chance to own a Cold Stone store 5 years ago. The shop employs 8 people.

Churn work: The store makes its own ice cream and also makes about 75 waffle bowls daily.

Personal favorite: Chocolate cake batter ganache, because “I’m a chocolate person.”

Flagstaff’s favorite: Cake batter ice cream. Cinnamon flavor has a small but fierce fan base.

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day: Serving the loyal customers who are in the store’s rewards program. To sign up, go to and click rewards. “I think every day should be an ice cream day,” Goswami said.

Jennifer Rolley, owner of the Sweet Shoppe Candy Store, 15 E. Aspen Ave.

Business facts: “We’re in the business of making people happy for a living!” Rolley said. She opened the store in 2011 and employs 22 people.

Flagstaff history: The Sweet Shoppe building in historic downtown Flagstaff near Heritage Square is more than 100 years old and was originally a mercantile. The space was a fly-fishing store when the Rolleys took over.

Gelato fix: Last month the store sold 4,000 servings of gelato, which is Italian-style ice cream. The Sweet Shoppe usually has 20 flavors available, with seasonal selections such as peppermint bark for Christmas time.

Personal favorite: Kahlua tiramisu gelato, with ladyfingers crushed in it.

Flagstaff’s favorite: Triple chocolate.

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day: Rolley hopes the fun holiday will get people thinking about trying a new ice cream treat.

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