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Flagstaff dog owners are lapping up new products from a new local business, Wagstaff. Joey Bono started the all-things-K9 business earlier this year when he adopted his dog Dino.

“I couldn’t find any dog beds that I liked,” he said. “They all seemed to come in the same three colors. I wanted something with more panache. I thought, 'I could do better than this.'”

Bono said he wanted a dog bed that would be big enough that Dino could grow into it, and durable and attractive enough that he didn’t have to hide it under the couch when company came.

“I wanted to make a cool dog bed, something that reflected the dog-friendly community that is Flagstaff,” he said.

Flagstaff’s dog-friendly nature is also what sparked the idea for the name of the company. Bono said he and his friend joked about how dog-friendly the area was and nicknamed it Wagstaff. When Bono came up with the idea for the company, his friends encouraged him to use the name.

He poked around at the remnants in a local upholstery shop, talked to local sewers and came up with something better. Bono created dog beds made out of durable materials like denier fabric with a cover that can be removed and washed in a washing machine. He also wanted a bed that would be big enough for a dog to grow into, so a pet owner wouldn’t have to buy multiple sizes as the dog grew.

“It’s about conscious consumption,” Bono said. He wanted something that would last, could be made from recycled materials and would keep things out of the landfill longer.

The beds come in a variety of sizes and colors from bright cotton prints to purple camo prints. Dog owners should be able to find a print or design to match any office, living room or outdoor area, he said. All of the materials used in the beds are purchased in Flagstaff and the beds are sewn here too. The price of a bed depends on the size and the materials used but range between $40 and $100.

Bono launched the business about six months ago by showcasing his beds at an open house at Olsen’s Grains.

The beds were a big hit, said Warren Hubbard, the general manager at Olsen’s. Hubbard said the shop likes to promote other local businesses and their products.

“It’s all about supporting local business,” Hubbard said.

Bono said he’s having a hard time keeping up with demand and is now branching out. He’s working with Joel Bishop at Mjolnir Fabrication and Design to create platforms for the dog beds and doggy dish decks. The dish decks are made out of old skateboard decks from Flagstaff stores that are raised off the ground and have holes cut in them for dog dishes. The dish decks run about $25. He is looking at bringing collars, leashes and toys into the mix.

Currently, Wagstaff beds can be found at Olsen’s Grains and Peace Surplus. Bono also sells them online on his Facebook page, Wagstaff will be at Peace Surplus’ Howloween event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 29 and at Dog’s Night Out at the Orpheum in December.

Ed. Note: This story has been changed from its original.

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