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W.L. Gore & Associates on Fourth Street

W.L. Gore & Associates first building in Flagstaff is located on Fourth Street. The company now has 11 buildings scattered throughout the community.

In a consolidation process set to begin in 2019, W.L. Gore and Associates will be moving out of its Fourth Street campus and transferring about 500 employees to the company’s west Flagstaff campus on Kiltie Lane.

The transition aims to optimize office manufacturing space to increase efficiency and reduce complexity, spokeswoman Jana Kettering said.

The change will allow the company to co-locate common products and processes, Kettering said. Right now, employees often have to travel across town in their work on similar product teams.

“Having them together will create a lot of efficiencies,” she said.

This doesn’t mean Gore is looking at any cuts to its staff of about 2,000 in Flagstaff, Kettering said.

“There are no currently identified reductions in force,” she said.

Long term, the company will handle fluctuations in workforce needs through attrition, she said.

The company will update its office space on Kiltie Lane to accommodate the additional employees, but won’t be constructing any new facilities, Kettering said. Those west Flagstaff buildings already have capacity for more associates and expanded manufacturing, she said.

The four buildings on Gore’s Fourth Street campus houses many of the company’s administrative functions as well as some manufacturing operations, she said. The buildings, the first of which was built in 1967, are underutilized and need of updates critical to medical manufacturing. The company isn’t sure what it will do with the facilities once they are vacated.

Kettering emphasized that Gore remains committed to Flagstaff.


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