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Thrill seekers going to the remake of the classic horror movie “IT” may want to splurge a little and pay the extra $2 to see the movie in the new Cine 1 theater at Harkins Theaters. Flagstaff is one of two Harkins Theaters to have a Cine 1 theater. The other Cine 1 is in Goodyear.

The new theater is the final touch to the new 16-screen theater that Harkins opened in November. The Arizona theater chain broke ground on the new theater near the Flagstaff Mall in May 2015. It replaced the older 11-screen theater on Woodlands Village Boulevard. The old theater closed on Nov. 13.

The Cine 1 theater features a sharp, crisp image provided by a laser projector on an extra-large screen, more than 70 feet wide. The Flagstaff theater is the second theater in the Harkins chain to get the laser projectors. All 16 screens can be operated remotely by one person using a tablet computer. The projectors are automatically set to start movies at the exact show time set by the theater manager. However, Harkins insists on having at least one person in the projection corridor above the theaters to make sure everything is working smoothly and to check on the sound quality in each theater.

The Cine 1 theater also has 3D Dolby sound with more than 175 speakers, including speakers in the ceiling. Customers who are hard of hearing have the option of headphones that link with the theater’s sound system or a new closed captioning screen that sits in the cup holder on the armrest of the chair.

Every seat in the Cine 1 theater is one of Harkins’ Ultimate Lounger seats. The seats are more like your favorite plush leather recliner than the traditional movie theater seat. They recline flat at the touch of a button and have a foot rest. The other theaters at Harkins only have Ultimate Lounger seats in the first row; the other seats are Harkins’ “plush rocker” seats, which do not recline.

The screen is covered by a gold curtain that opens to dramatically reveal the start of the movie.

Tickets for movies in the Cine 1 theater are more expensive. A Cine1 ticket is $12 for adults, $8 for children and $9 for seniors. Tickets for the other theaters are $10 for adults, $6 for children and $7 for seniors.

Moviegoers can reserve their seats and tickets in advance for both the Cine 1 and regular theaters. Harkins has an online and smartphone app ticket reservation system where customers can pick the exact seat they want and purchase their seats without having to stand in line in the cold at the ticket window. There is a surcharge for ordering tickets online. A ticket kiosk has also been installed inside the theater for customers who decide to grab a last-minute movie.

Each seat in the theaters is labeled, like a football stadium, and the tickets have the seat letter and number printed on them, so finding your reserved seat is easy.

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