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Flagstaff Face and Body

Leona Barth, the owner of Flagstaff Face and Body, which won Best Day Spa.

Considering those living at high altitudes are especially vulnerable to the sun’s harsh rays, proper skin care is absolutely essential in Flagstaff. 

Flagstaff Face & Body Spa's owner Leona Barth knew that it was dire that locals got their skin care needs met when she purchased the spa in December 2009.

"I brought a lot of passion and desire for more services and thus moved us from a tiny building downtown to our current location at Aspen Place at The Sawmill," the former pharmaceutical representative said.

There is a reason that revenue at Flagstaff Face & Body Spa has tripled since Barth’s takeover. Besides the spa’s 32 different options of medical services, laser treatments, massages and facials, Barth said the stellar customer service from the 13 friendly staff members is what make customers continue to return to the spa.

"Our goal is to make everyone feel special and make sure their needs are met to the best of our abilities," said Barth. "We can tailor any treatment goal to one’s time, budget, and desired outcome."

Flagstaff Face & Body Spa's dedication to their returning customers is what sets them apart from many other cosmetic services, which often tend to try to reel in as many new clients as possible with special offers, leaving their consistent customers on the curb.

"Of course we welcome and love getting new clients to our spa, but we value loyalty and want our clients to know how much they mean to us," said Barth. "We have loyalty programs and promotions for the clients who have gotten us to where we are today."

Getting a wax, massage, or facial can often be anxiety-inducing to any newcomer because of its personal nature. Comical are some reviews of spa horror stories including being doused head-to-toe in glitter during a massage, or how about awkward small talk while getting a bikini wax?

Flagstaff Face & Body Spa reviewers, however, note the calm atmosphere, the knowledgeable staff, and the level of comfort they experienced.

"I feel very comfortable both in the spa and with all the staff. Some of the procedures are not the most pleasant experiences, but I feel in good hands with the aestheticians and nurses," wrote Kate, who has been going to the spa for a year. 

"I always have a good experience, plus I love the environment and design when walking in. It has such a relaxing and quiet atmosphere," wrote Debbie, a customer since 2010.

"The atmosphere was clean, welcoming, and calming. Reception was helpful and attentive. The HydraFacial exceeded my expectations. I have sensitive skin so I was a little worried it might be irritating, but it was not," a new client added.

Barth also cited the HydraFacial as her personal favorite treatment. "It is a deep clean for your pores and leaves the skin glowing, adding hydration that lasts,” she said. “We have a great many services for problem skin, anti-aging, as well as sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation and other skin concerns."

Flagstaff Face & Body Spa also offers some truly unique treatments, including a CBD oil massage that uses camphor and menthol to warm and then cool the body. Fire cupping is another methodical massage, where suction cups are moved on the body to help increase blood flow and circulation.

An upcoming promotion for the holidays includes a festive facial, eco-fin hand treatment, essential oil of choice and some spa goodies.

Until visiting with Flagstaff Face & Body Spa, locals should remember to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water, Barth advised.

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