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ATRIAL FIBRILLATION FREE PATIENT EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR Kent Winkler, MD, FACC, FSCAI LEARN ABOUT AFIB (The disease), CURRENT AND NEW TREATMENT OPTIONS Atrial Fibrillation or AFIB is a quivering or irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart related complications. At least 2.7 million Americans are living with AFIB. Patients with AFIB are normally treated by a cardiologist. Stroke is at least 5 times more likely to occur in patients with atrial fibrillation. Treatments to reduce stroke risk, usually blood thinners, can require close monitoring and carry significant risk of bleeding. The left atrial appendage is the portion of the heart where more than 90% of stroke causing clots form. The Watchman™ left atrial appendage closure device is an implant designed to close the left atrial appendage, trapping potential stroke causing clots and, thus, potentially alleviating the future need for blood thinners. Come join us for a free educational event with Dr. Kent Winkler and learn about the causes of AFIB, how to recognize if you have the condition and different treatment options for treating the irregular heartbeat and options for stroke prevention. DATE: Thursday, November 29th @ 5:30 PM PLACE: City of Flagstaff Aquaplex 1702 N. 4th St. Dinner will be provided. RSVP: Call 480.271.2018 Email

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