Details for NORTHERN ARIZONA HEALTHCARE - Ad from 2020-05-20

WE CHOOSE TO PROVIDE CARE SAFELY THROUGHOUT THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, we’ve chosen to make your health and well-being our top priority. Early on, we dramatically increased safety measures in our Emergency Departments: pre-screening all patients, creating separate entrances and treatment areas for those with COVID symptoms, instituting universal masking in all facilities, and increased disinfecting of all areas. These protocols have allowed us to safely treat patients affected by the virus. The effoNs have also minimized exposure risks, so we can continue to treat emergency patients. Even during this period, it’s crucial for someone experiencing an emergency like stroke or heaN aMack to come to the ER, because those effects can be far more life-threatening than the virus. We are also looking forward to re-opening for routine services. Rest assured that we will keep you closely posted on that timing and will give you full information on what to expect when you visit. Our safety protocols are continuously being improved based on everything we’ve learned both locally and nationally. We will strive to make a regular visit to any of our facilities as safe as any other trip out of your home. And we will be here to answer any questions you have along the way. To learn more about our safety effoQs during COVID-19, visit us at OUR HOSPITALS HAVE BEEN IN THIS REGION FOR MORE THAN 80 YEARS, PROVIDING CARE WHEN IT WAS NEEDED MOST. WE ARE PROUD TO BE HERE TODAY, ALONGSIDE YOU, HELPING MEET THIS CHALLENGE. FLO SPYROW, MSN President and CEO JOHN MOUGIN, MD Chief Quality Officer

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