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Dear Dr. Bass,
I’m in my 50’s but look older. I was a sun worshipper in my crazy, younger days so my skin looks
weathered. And when looking in the mirror with a very relaxed pose I see a long, drawn, downward
pulled face and a neck with too much excess. I keep thinking makeup is going to camouflage all this
but I think I am only fooling myself. It’s time to do something for myself.
What procedures do I start with that actually give the results that they say they will give, don’t break
the bank, and one that I will love the results? This is so exciting!
Jaclyn C.
Ms. Jaclyn,
For you, I am thinking the combination of skin resurfacing and a neck lift. The weathered skin,
particularly around the eyes and the mouth/chin areas, respond to the Co2 laser technology beautifully.
Using short pulses of heat, the skin around the eyes and mouth, and entire face tightens, the texture of
the entire face skin smooths, and any uneven color to the skin is removed. The results are a beautiful,
younger, restored complexion. This particular laser gives results that a facelift alone cannot accomplish.
And, in keeping the entire face looking the same age, the neck lift will help give your jawline definition
and give your profile a clean, defined silhouette. This combination surgery gives results of an upper
and lower eyelid lift, a browlift and a facelift for the appropriate candidate. Photos speak louder than
words. Come in for your consultation and see photos of patients who are proud to help others make
the right decision on where to start the plastic surgery process.Thanks Jaclyn.
Dr. Bass

Dr. John W. Bass, M.D. Plastic surgery

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