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JOIN THE MOVEMENT FLAGSTAFF LOCAL My actions matter HERE ARE EXAMPLES OF ACTIONS: WHY Shop Flagstaff When you spend in Flagstaff, your money stays in Flagstaff. Equally important, when you volunteer, be eco-friendly, donate, support Education, mentor, and vote, you are also contributing to everyone’s overall quality of life. “A $100 retail purchase generates $2.28 in local sales tax with a portion funding open space maintenance.” “Your local spending helps maintain the Flagstaff Urban Trail System where I run.” Volunteer WHO “My most rewarding time is reading to the young children at our local schools.” Be Eco-Friendly “Riding the bus saves up to 500 gallons of gasoline per person annually.” Donate “Volunteers, like you, allow us to offer attainable home ownership to qualified families in our community.” Flagstaff Local encourages and celebrates residents that choose to shop Flagstaff, volunteer, be eco-friendly, donate, support education, mentor and vote. By taking part, you are connecting what you love about Flagstaff and living here, with your everyday actions. Support Education TAKE ACTION Mentor EARN POINTS BE REWARDED “I encourage students to think creatively and to design their own future.” “I mentor entrepreneurs and help make their dreams a reality for our community.” SIGN-UP BEGINNING 11.21.19 VOte “Take the time to vote; show that your voice matters.” Brought to you by the City of Flagstaff FLAGSTAFF Flagstaff Local THRIVES

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