Details for NOVUS/GOGGLE - Ad from 2020-07-26

During times of crisis, crucial information about your community
comes from local reporters.
Access to high quality information is
essential. Especially local information.
And especially now. What’s happening
in our communities? What’s the
impact? How are our local leaders
responding? For answers to these
questions, we rely on the hard work
of our local reporters. As a result,
readership of local news outlets has
reached record highs.

But due to COVID-19, most local news
publications are losing money, fast.
Advertising has plummeted during the
crisis and readers aren’t subscribing
fast enough to fill the void. This has
led to thousands of local reporters
being laid off. Just as our society faces
numerous, urgent challenges.
Millions of people are in danger of
losing access to the authoritative local

information they need to stay informed.
That’s why the Local Media Association
and the Local Media Consortium are
working with local news providers to
build a strong future for local journalism.
And that’s why our long-time partner
Google is purchasing ads like this in
local publications across the country, as
well as providing a Relief Fund to help
struggling local news outlets. But those
actions alone aren’t enough.

Please consider supporting the
local news organizations you rely
on. Subscribe to them. Donate to
them. And if you have a business
that’s able to, advertise with them.
Your support is critical to sustaining
the dedicated journalists serving
your communities.
Our local news outlets help keep us
safer. Let’s help keep them open.

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