Details for FLAGSTAFF BIKING ORGANIZATION - Ad from 2021-05-16

2021 F la staff biking Flagstaff Or ganization gani Organization TrailProgram T TrailP railP rail Pr rogram ogram Join us for our First Trail Day Next Saturday, May 22nd Everyone is welcome at these events! May 22nd July 17th September 18th TREAD REPAIR BELOW ASPEN CORNER TREAD REPAIR BETWEEN ASPEN CORNER AND SNOWBOWL ROAD, UPPER WEST SECRET TRAIL ARIZONA NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL ARIZONA NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL June 5 th August 14th ORION SPRINGS AREA REROUTE ON ARIZONA NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL ARIZONA NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL, TREAD REPAIR BETWEEN ASPEN CORNER AND SNOWBOWL ROAD, LOWER NEW TRAIL CONSTRUCTION June 19th August 28 SCHULTZ CREeK TRAIL/ROCKY RIDGE th ARIZONA NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL MAINTENANCE TREAD REPAIR BETWEEN ABOVE LOWER SNOWBOWL ROAD Trail Details Trail Days start at 8:30am CHECK WEBSITE FOR MEeTING LOCATIONS AND ANY UPDATES. PEDALS V. PISTONS V. HORSESHOES V. HIKING BOOTS, October 9th LITtLE BEAR AND LITtLE ELDEN TREAD REPAIR October 23rd LOWER SUNSET TRAIL, MAINTENANCE ABOVE SCHULTZ TANK PLEASE RSVP @ FLAGSTAFfBIKING.ORG. IT’S EASY AND ONLY TAKES A MINUTE USING THE FORM WE ARE PROVIDING. THANKS FOR HELPING US OUT BY DOING THIS. Share the Trails! A huge “ Thank You” to our generous sponsors! Joehazel& Nancyevans Flagline trails Donate to our trail fund @ Historic Brewing Company KickStandKafé SingleTrackBikes TheGilumpfs HTTP://BIT.LY/DONATE-TRAIL-PROGRAM We are fundraising to hire professional crews to build and realign trails as part of the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Project.

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