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PAID ADVERTISEMENT The New Pain Pill Alternative For Neuropathy Discomfort That Works Right Where You Hurt A new discovery has been shown to block Substance P, a chemical in the body that sends pain signals to the brain. It’s now the basis for an OTC pain reliever which relieves the burning, tingling, numbness and general leg pain brought on by neuropathy discomfort A new topical, derived from capsaicin, has proved highly successful in a clinical use survey trial. Participants, who suffered with either general leg and foot pain or neuropathy discomfort, reported ‘substantial relief’ in just 15 minutes of their first application. According to the study data, “burning, tingling, numbness and soreness” were among the most common types of pain relieved. “Attacks Pain Where It Starts: Your Nerves” The OTC pain reliever, Neuritrerx, has garnished tremendous praise from users, most who have suffered tirelessly with lower leg pain. “There’s very few remedy’s that work this fast” says Dr. Stephen Klayman, a spokesperson for Neuriterx. “And that’s because it stops pain where it starts – your nerves”. According to Klayman, Neuriterx works in minutes of your first application. Once absorbed by the skin, it triggers two processes in the body. “Blocks the Chemical That Carries Pain Signals to the Brain” The first, and most important, is accomplished through capsaicin. The natural painkiller, derived from hot peppers, reduces levels of the chemical Substance P. Substance P is what helps carry pain signals to the brain. With less of it, you experience less pain. “Increases Sensation to Relieve Feelings of Numbness and Tingling” The second process, called TRPA 1 activation, is equally effective but takes a radically different approach. It’s initiated through the ingredient cinnamaldehyde. TRPA 1 is a sensory channel that runs through your legs and feet. It is essentially responsible for what you feel like hot and cold. Research shows that lower leg pain, including neuropathy discomfort, results from nerve damage. As your nerves break down, sensation is lost. This loss of sensation can cause numbness, tingling, burning – a number of different feelings that shouldn’t be there. The cinnamaldehyde in Neuriterx is one of the only known substances to activate the TRPA 1 channel which helps to bring back this sensation and relieve these symptoms. “Provides Leg Pain Relief In Just 15 Minutes” Neuriterx’s unique approach to lower leg pain fills a unique gap in the marketplace: a natural means to lasting Broken down, this natural painkiller formulates easily into a topical. It’s now available over-the-counter for relief from burning, tingling, numbness among other leg and foot issues. relief that also works fast (just 15 minutes!) Today’s treatment methods have focused on pain management instead pain resolution. Simply put, they’ve developed means to mask you pain, but not solve it. “Neuriterx is different. Since symptoms like burning, tingling, numbness, stabbing and shoot pain often result from a sensation problem, we’ve designed the formula to increase sensitivity” explains Klayman. “We also understand that people need relief right away. Neuriterx helps with that too by reducing levels of Substance P – the chemical that sends pain signals to your brain” he adds. Real Research Conducted on Real People Who Were “Thrilled!” with Their Results “Does Neuriterx work?” That’s the question everyone is asking and according to a recent Clinical Use Survey Trial (CUST) it works even better than the makers even imagined. According to the data, subjects (men and women) taking Neuriterx (as needed) experienced relief in just 15 minutes after applying! Burning, tingling and numbness were the most symptoms to improve. “90% Approval Rating With Users” Even more impressive, when asked if this was the best product they used for their legs and feet, 90% gave a resounding “Yes!” In closing, all participants said they would recommend Neuriterx to a friend. Results from Clinical Use Trial C Verifies Neuriterx “Effective for Leg Pain” • Participants reported pain relief in 15 minutes with Neuriterx • Burning, tingling, numbness and soreness was also relieved • 90% approval rating with subjects saying it was the “best leg and foot product they’ve tried” • 100% of subjects would recommend product to a friend “The Reason Why Neuriterx Works So Well Is Because It’s Based on Your Body’s Anatomy” Neuriterx is a topical cream that is to be applied directly the legs and feet. It does not require a prescription. The two key ingredients in the formula are capsaicin and cinnamaldehyde. Their mechanisms of action are very different. The first ingredient is intended for immediate pain relief (15 minute onset). While the second targets the root cause of most lower leg pain, sensation loss. Studies show that leg pain and neuropathy discomfort can be triggered when circulation decreases to the extremities and the nerves are starved of nutrients. As these nerves deteriorate, sensation is lost. This is why you may not feel hot or cold and your legs and feet may burn, tingle and go numb. Worse, without proper blood flow, tissues and cells in these areas begin to die, causing pain that seems to never go away. The cinnamaldehyde in Neuriterx is one of the very few compounds in that can activate TRPA1, a special sensory pathway that runs through your entire body. According to published research, activating this pathway increases the sensitivity of nerves, relieving feelings of tingling and numbness in your legs and feet. Capsaicin, in the concentration found in Neuriterx, is approved for pain relief. It actually follows a monograph and is considered an OTC drug which is why it’s so effective it delivers relief so fast. 50% Off Neuriterx Through the Holiday While Supplies Last Save 50% off Neuriterx now through the holiday! To claim your readers-only discount, simply call their customer care team at 1-800-974-9466. Discounts will be automatically applied to callers and, in the spirit of the Christmas, each bottle or Neuriterx is backed by a Full Money Back Guarantee that’s good for 90 days. The company urges readers to call quickly as supplies are limited. You can claim your 50% off discount by calling 1-800-974-9466 right now. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. RESULTS MAY VARY. NEURITERX IS NOT A DRUG.

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