Details for W.L. GORE MEDIA GROUP - Ad from 2019-07-14

Gore’s MIL-ENE insulated conductors were used on the Apollo spacecraft “THE EAGLE HAS LANDED…” The lunar rock-collecting shovel also included Gore products GORE HAS BEEN DEVELOPING PRODUCTS FOR THE SPACE INDUSTRY SINCE OUR ENTERPRISE WAS FOUNDED MORE THAN 60 YEARS AGO Buzz Aldrin, Jr. and Neil Armstrong installed seismographic equipment that was connected to the lunar lander with Gore wire GORE HAS BEEN A PART OF MORE THAN 100 SPACEFLIGHT PROGRAMS GORE’S SPACE PRODUCTS ARE DURABLE, RELIABLE, AND HAVE A 100% FAILURE-FREE FLIGHT RECORD GORE MATERIALS ARE SUITED FOR THE MOST DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTS Gore’s products contributed to the success of multiple missions SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM International Space Station Space suit fibers to protect astronauts LIFE IMPROVING TECHNOLOGY XM/Sirius Satellite Radio Gore wire and cable was a part of the ground support equipment— tracking radar, computers, and communication equipment to ensure a safe return home SPACE EXPLORATION Cassini/Huygens Weather and Atmospheric Monitoring GPS Satellite Programs Hubble Space Telescope New Horizon ©201 © 201 0 9 W. L. Gore Gor o & Assoc sss ia iate a ss, Inc ate nc. c. G c. GORE GOR OR RE, an and nd d dessign sig si ign ns ar are re ttrradem ade emar arks ark rk rrks k o off W W.. L. G Go ore re e & Ass sssoc ocia iates te ttes es es Mars Rover

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