Details for TKBKOMFUG LLC DBA THE GREENROOM - Ad from 2018-09-13

THE GREEN ROOM FLAGSTAFF ' S PREMIER LIVE MUSIC VENUE AND ARCADE ON SALE NOW 9.14.18 DOLL SKIN $7/10 SUNDAY/MONDAY ON SALE NOW FAYUCA *OF GOOD NATURE *BLACK BOTTOM LIGHTERS 9.15.18 ON SALE NOW $12/15 WEDNESDAY 10.25.18 MICHALE GRAVES *ARGYLE GOOLSBY THURSDAY $18/20 FRIDAY JUST ANNOUNCED ALL HAIL THE YETI *ZERO THEORUM 9.17.18 $8/10 FUNDRAISERS TO DATE 412 UPCOMING SHOWS T! IGH TON 9/13 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17 SEPTEMBER 19 SEPTEMBER 20-22 SEPTEMBER 23 SEPTEMBER 27 OCTOBER 1 OCTOBER 2 Fort Defiance *Burning Bushes 9/14 Doll Skin 9/15 Fayuca * Of Good Nature * Black Bottom Lighters 9/17 All Hail the Yeti 9/19 Ridgeway *Good Ol' Joel 9/20-23 Big pine comedy 9/23 People Corrupting People * Nothing ADD All 9/25 Onry Ozzburn 9/27 Science on Tap 9/27 Exmortus *Hatchet *Ice Sword 10/1 Obey the Brave 10/2 Highest Conspiracy 10/7 The Goddamn Gallows 10/20 Minnesota 10/24 Hirie 10/25 Michale Graves 12/3 Black Dahlia Murder HOME OF the Original RECYCLE BIN! WWW.FLAGSTAFFGREENROOM.COM | 15 N. AGASSIZ

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