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At NAU, Flagstaff’s Lunar Legacy Lives On NAU’s world-class astronomers and planetary scientists collaborate with NASA scientists to expand the frontiers of knowledge. • Nadine Barlow studies impact craters, primarily on Mars. • Christopher Edwards investigates planetary surfaces. • David Koerner studies the properties of planetesimal disks • • • • • • • around nearby stars. Mark Loeffler simulates processes that occur in extraterrestrial environments. Ty Robinson studies the atmospheres of worlds both inside and outside the Solar System. Mark Salvatore explores the evolution of planetary surfaces and landscapes. Stephen Tegler studies Kuiper Belt objects at the edge of the Solar System. Cristina Thomas investigates near-Earth, Main Belt, and Trojan asteroids. David Trilling studies the small bodies in our Solar System. Chad Trujillo searches for new planets on the outer edge of our Solar System. Research, Elevated.

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