Details for Kroger RASC-660 - Ad from 2018-12-08

3X NEW 2-HOUR DELIVERY! Fresh food. Famous low prices. SALE DATE: Saturday, December 8 through Tuesday, December 11, 2018 FUEL POINTS on Meat & Seafood WITH COUPON 77 ¢ 88 ¢ WITH CARD WITH CARD Large Hass Avocados or Pomegranates Pineapple or Blackberries 6 oz EARN 3X FUEL POINTS! 2.97 EARN 3X 3.97 Boneless Chuck Roast CUT FRESH EVERY DAY! T-Bone Steak lb WITH CARD lb FUEL POINTS! Bone-In, Super Value Pack, Limit 2 WHEN YOU BUY 8 FINAL COST 99 ¢ 3/ 5 $ WITH CARD WITH CARD ea Campbell’s Chunky Soup Lean Cuisine or Stouffer's Entrée Select Varieties, 18.6-19 oz Select Varieties, 6-12.8 oz When you buy 8 or more in the same transaction with Card. Quantities less than 8 will be $1.59 each with Card. WHEN YOU BUY 2 FINAL COST 4.99 ea WITH CARD Pepsi or Coca-Cola 19.99 Select Varieties, 20-24 Pack, 12 fl oz Cans When you buy 2 in the same transaction with Card. Other quantities will be 6.99 each with Card. WITH CARD SAVE 5 ea WHEN YOU BUY ANY 5 PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD Mix & Match 5 or more Suns Rewards Doritos participating items with Card.. SALE PRICE UNIT PRICE PER OUNCE mix & match BUY 5 22.6-30.5 oz Can or Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, 11-12 oz Bag; Select Varieties • SAVE $ 5 SAVE 5.99 --1.00 Folgers Coffee With Card 1.99 -1.00 ea WITH CARD 99 ea WITH CARD 4.99 ea WHEN YOU BUY ANY 5 PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD ea WITH CARD 1.77 $ Look for these tags on 100s of items. 30-Pack, 12 fl oz Cans or Michelob Ultra, 24-Pack, 12 fl oz Bottles or Cans or Corona, 18-Pack, 12 fl oz Bottles; Select Varieties, Limit 2 2.77 -1.00 BUY 5 Participating item varieties and sizes may vary by store. Bud, Miller, Coors or Tecate ¢ ea WHEN YOU BUY ANY 5 PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz or Kraft Salad Dressing, 14-16 fl oz; Select Varieties Saturday 12/8 Flagstaff Daily Sun 1844 9.25-11.25 oz or Cheetos or Fritos, 7-9.25 oz; Select Varieties 2.99 -1.00 ea WITH CARD 1.99 ea WHEN YOU BUY ANY 5 PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD Fry’s Purified Drinking Water 32-Pack, 16.9 fl oz Bottles or Tropicana or Trop 50 Juice, 52 fl oz; Select Varieties

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