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This summer, soak up some culture!
This year, why not take advantage of the summer season to learn more about local history, discover another culture’s traditional art forms or enjoy some live music? In short, soak up some
culture! Interested? Here are seven fun ways to add some culture to your life this summer:
1. Visit a museum: your local museums and
interpretive centers offer exhibits and activities focusing on nature, history, science,
technology, and transportation. They’re
great choices if you’re passionate about any
of these topics or just curious to learn more.
2. Attend a festival: the warm months are
festival season. Festivals are often held to
showcase different kinds of music, different
styles of dance from around the world and
even circus acts.
3. See a play: there’s nothing like a summer
play. Or, why not bring the kids to see a puppet show? These are great ways to forget
your worries.
4. Discover local art: art galleries, art boutiques and artists’ workshops all offer sights

that will impress (oil paintings, ceramics,
glass, textiles, photographs, etc.)
5. Discover heritage sites: follow a heritage
tour or chart your own course to visit the
past at nationally recognized sites of historical importance. You can visit old historical
buildings or important religious sites, for
instance, to learn more about the past in
your region.
6. Go to the library: from story time to readings to book clubs, libraries offer a lot of
great cultural activities for all ages.
7. Taste local or exotic foods: specialty restaurants, boutiques that focus on locally
produced foods, vineyards, food festivals—
there are plenty of ways to make delicious
discoveries all summer long.


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