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We’re Hiring: Sales Department
• Team sales position
• Prefer automotive sales exp
• Good people skills neede
• Great pay plan & benefits pkg
• 401k, health & dental
• Good hours/closed Sundays

Fax Resume: 928-773-7944 • Phone: 928-774-7044 • Address: 1111 W. Rte.66

Is a ‘We Buy Houses’
Company RIgHt foR you?
When selling a home becomes a
struggle, many Americans settle for
an offer made by a group advertising
to buy homes for cash. You have
likely seen their advertisements
when traveling your local highways
and may have been enticed yourself.
While it can mean a quick escape
for homeowners who can’t sell their
property, this transaction can leave
a substantial amount of profit on the
These types of groups are
successful by buying homes for
bottom dollar and investing to
repair them before relisting them for
sale. It’s no surprise that you should
expect less than fair market value,
but it can make sense to a certain
type of seller. Here’s what you need
to know when deciding between
a traditional real estate service
and possibly breaking even on a
transaction in cash.
Are These Companies Legal?
Yes, for the most part, cash
investors have enough capital to
purchase your home in a legal
manner. They sometimes persuade

home sellers into a quick decision by
offering cash in hand and lightningfast closing timeframes.
This avenue is efficient for owners
who are in a hurry to unload their
property and are nonchalant about
making a profit.
You should be cautious of risks of
scams before agreeing to work with
a property investor. Make sure to do
research their profile on the Better
Business Bureau and read reviews
from other sellers who used their

How Much do They Pay?
According to the experts at The
Balance, cash investors typically
offer about 65 percent of a home’s
fair market value. Keep in mind, this
percentage can vary as they will
consider the cost of the renovations
to be made before a home can go up
for sale or rent.
While their offers may be less
than what you are expecting, sellers
can appreciate a buyer who isn’t
restricted while waiting for financing
approval or requiring expensive
repairs to be made before a deal

is closed. However, if selling a
home quick and at a fair price is of
importance, talk to a Realtor before
making a cash deal.
According to the National
Association of Realtors, the typical
home was only on the market for an
average of three weeks and sellers
sold their properties for 99 percent
of the listing price, in 2018.
When Does it Make Sense?
There is a niche group of sellers
to whom property investors who
pay cash appeal. For instance,

those who inherited a home after a
family member’s death often forgo
a traditional sale to avoid costly
renovations or the hassle of selling
their newly acquired responsibility.
Homeowners who have a
residence with substantial damage
to structural components or
foundations can also benefit from
these buyers. Rather than invest in
fixing up a home for sale, they prefer
to simply get out of the mortgage
and put their dollars toward a new
property purchase.


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