Details for Grand Canyon Resort Corporation - Ad from 2019-04-14

HWAL’BAY BA:J Enterprises, Inc. Board of Directors Vacancy Position Announcement Posted April 5, 2019 The Hualapai Tribe is seeking two (2) qualified enrolled Hualapai Tribal Member candidates for the HWAL’BAY BA:J Enterprises, Inc. (“HBBE”) and Grand Canyon Resort Corporation Board of Directors. Two (2) positions are vacant. HBBE, doing business as Grand Canyon Resort Corporation, operates Grand Canyon West, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Hualapai Lodge, Hualapai River Runners, Zip line, and related businesses. Grand Canyon West operates the world famous Skywalk attraction. Successful applicants will be interviewed and selected by the Hualapai Tribal Council. Qualifications - knowledge of hospitality and tourism operations, finance, law, marketing and/or business development. The chosen candidate will be expected to attend monthly Board meetings in Peach Springs, AZ, as well as perform committee work. Board members are compensated for reasonable expenses to attend monthly meetings and are paid a nominal board fee. Must be an enrolled Hualapai Tribal Member. Please send a letter of interest and resume to: Hualapai Tribal Administration Attn: Administration P.O. Box 179 Peach Springs, AZ 86434 Fax: 928-769-2343 All applicants will be required to undergo a thorough background investigation. All applications must be received by April 18, 2019 no later than 4pm (MST).

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