Details for EDWARD JONES - KIND, BELO, FRA - Ad from 2018-07-08

Timing Counts When It Comes to Your Social Security Benefit Social Security can be one of your most valuable retirement assets. The decision of when you start taking your benefit impacts how much you’ll receive. Call or visit today, and learn how your decision impacts your overall retirement income strategy. Final decisions about Social Security filing strategies always rest with you and should always be based on your specific needs and health considerations. For more information, visit the Social Security Administration website at SEDRIC CADE 524 N. Humphreys 928-774-3090 800-441-4651 MARK FRANK 1016 W. University Ave. Suite 106 928-774-4766 866-998-4766 JAYNE POWELL 9 N. Elden Suite 103 928-556-8655 800-556-9450 STEPHANIE M. STACKHOUSE 1403 S. Plaza 928-226-1012 877-928-1012 Member SIPC DERRICK JACKSON 1500 E. Cedar Ave. Suite 50 928-774-5993 800-460-3581 JOSH STACKHOUSE 2405 N Rose St, 928-522-6166 BEN BREWSTER 319 S. Regent St. Suite 213 928-526-0064 ROSS NICHOLLS 524 N. Humphreys 928-774-3090 ERIC FERNANDEZ 9 N. Elden Suite 103 928-556-8655 800-556-9450

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