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STILL TIME TO GET SWIM SUIT READY BEFORE VACATION Dear Dr. Bass, My husband surprised me with a trip in July to the Caribbean. All the styles in the world are not going to hide my “Tummy Hang”. After the three kids, I ended up with some excess fullness and sagging skin. It would be nice to look good in clothes and a swim suit for the trip. Can I have surgery and be healed by mid July? Elizabeth W. Dear Elizabeth, Those kids!! Hahaha! Doing something for yourself that will make you feel better spreads happiness to all those around you. Let’s get started. To remedy the abdominal fullness and excess skin that you describe a combination of liposuction and tummy tuck will be needed. Liposuction will reduce the fullness and the tummy tuck will give support to the abdominal muscles and eliminate the excess skin. Your figure will look wonderful in your summer fashions and swim suits. The procedure is performed at one of our surgery centers in Phoenix and all the before and after follow-up appointments are at our Flagstaff satellite. With this procedure you will look amazing right away with swelling resolving in about 14 days. However, we advise that before going into pools or bodies of water, like the Caribbean, we recommend a healing time of 6 weeks. We have time if we act in early to mid May. Please call to schedule your consultation TODAY, 9280226-9355. Thanks Elizabeth. Dr. Bass PIECE OF MIND WITH IMPLANT CONTROVERSY Dear Dr Bass, What is going on with breast implants and health related problems? I have been reading about issues on line and the news has carried a few stories too? I have had my implants in for 12 years and love the results and don’t have any health issues. However, I don’t want to put my health in jeopardy. What would be my options if I decide to have the implants removed? Saran J. Sarah, This is a hot topic recently as there have been some writings about how implants are at the root of unexplained health issues. It is also a difficult question to answer as there is no one answer for everyone. The simplest is to say that if you have no problem then keep enjoying your look. The only concern being supported is with the textured implants in Europe, reporting that there has been a low incidence of a very rare type of blood problem. This issue was related to European manufactured textured implants which are their number #1 selling implant in Europe. The exact incidence of occurrence at this point is unknown. Also as women are removing their implants, there are no statistics reporting that those who have removed the implants show improved health. However, if someone has concerns or for piece of mind there are different options: If you have textured implant shells, have them removed, or exchanged to smooth implant shells. You may remove any implant. Keeping in mind that because of the now expanded skin, you may choose to leave the breast skin as is or have the breast lifted to create a perkier breast. If you have smooth implants you may feel better getting them exchanged for the newest generation of smooth implants. Sarah I appreciate your question. We can discuss which option would be best for you during your consultation. Dr. Bass John W. Bass, M.D. Plastic surgery Schedule your consultation locally in Flagstaff at Flagstaff Face & MedMed Spa Spa Flagstaff Face &Body Body 530 E. Picadilly Dr Suite 105, Flagstaff, AZ 928-226-9355 JWBASS.COM Dr. John W. Bass of Plastic Surgery & the American Board of Surgery Or call his other location: John W. Bass, M.D. Plastic Surgery - 10930 N. Tatum Blvd, #C101, Phoenix, AZ - 602-485-1010

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