Details for City of Flagstaff/Legal Ads - Ad from 2019-05-15

Legal No. 315 ORDiNaNCe NO. 2019-03 aN ORDiNaNCe OF the FLaGStaFF CitY COUNCiL RatiFYiNG the GRaNt aND ReSeRVatiON OF eaSeMeNtS; aND FORMaLLY aCCePtiNG DeDiCatiONS aND DONatiONS OF eaSeMeNtS aND ReaL PROPeRtY iNteReStS; DeLeGatiNG aUthORitY; aND eStabLiShiNG aN eFFeCtiVe Date ReCitaLS: WHEREAS, the City of Flagstaff (“City”) has received dedications and donations of easements and real property interests across private property which have not yet been formally accepted by City Council; and WHERES, the City has granted and reserved easements across City property for City projects, which have not yet been ratified by City Council; exhibit a Property type eNaCtMeNtS: NOW, theReFORe, be it ORDaiNeD bY the COUNCiL OF the CitY OF FLaGStaFF aS FOLLOWS: SECTION 1: In General. That the City formally accepts the dedications and donations of easements and real property as listed in Exhibit A, attached to this ordinance. SECTION 2: Delegation of Authority. That the City Manager, the City Attorney, the City Clerk, the Finance Director, the City Real Estate Manager, or other employees or agents as deemed necessary, are hereby authorized and directed to take all steps and execute all documents necessary to carry out the purpose and intent of this ordinance. PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Flagstaff this 16th day of April, 2019. That the City ratifies the grants and reservations of easements across City property as listed in Exhibit A, attached to this ordinance. SECTION 3: Effective Date. This ordinance shall become effective thirty (30) days following adoption by the City Council. APPROVED AS TO FORM: Country Club I-40 Watermain CITY ATTORNEY S:\Legal\Easements\ORD2019.03.RatifyAcceptEasementsROW.docx Grantee Southside Flats LLC Fountainhead LLC Flagship Realty, LLC City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff Fountainhead Flag LLC City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff Railroad Springs Bushmaster Park 605 S. Fountaine 1525 W. Palmer Avenue 3735 N. Kaspar Drive No address off Route 66 Bushmaster Park 3366 W. Route 66 1525 W. Palmer Ave 1620 N. Gemini Dr. Country Club l-40 Watermain 2701 S. Woody Mountain Rd 2701 S. Woody Mountain Rd Nestle Purina Avenue No Address Elden St. & Lone Tree Rd. 456 W. John W. Powell Blvd. VP 66 & Woody Mountain VP 66 & Woody Mountain Purina City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff Trails End Retreat Subdivision 5531 E. Cortland Blvd. 600 W. University Heights Dr N 4950 E Trails End Dr. M.T.N Investments Trailside Mar LLC Forest Ring LLC City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff Parcel Number Locator Drainage Maintenance Agreement 10607025A Waterline Easement 10303020 FUTS Easement Dedication 11661013 Lessee Consent to Dedication 11661013 Drainage Easement 10608002V Slope Easement 10608002V APS Easement 11008001G APS Easement 100-21-012A, 100-18-001C Waterline Easement 10730022A Drainage Easement 11317014 Sidewalk Easement 10715014A PUE 10715014A Construct & maintain ditch and ADOT Parcel dyke and Ingress and Egress 3-087 APS Easement 11661013 Project Location Grantor Grantee Fourth Street FUTS Oreganos Swift Travel Center F Swift Travel Center F Sparrow Road Improvements Sparrow Road Improvements Buffalo Park Restrooms Wheeler Park and City Hall 1201 S. Fourth St. (Fourth St. FUTS Project) 1107 S. Plaza Way JW Powell Rd./Shamrell Rd JW Powell Rd./Shamrell Rd E. Sparrow Rd. E. Sparrow Rd. 2400 E. Gemini Off Aspen Avenue Forest Springs Homeowners Association Cole Mt. Flagstaff AZ. City of Flagstaff Pulliam V, LLC FUSD FUSD City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff AKDHC Project Navajo Hopi Health F-037-1-701 2201 N. Vicky Street 6300 N. Highway 89 2201 N Vicky Street 2201 N Vicky Street State Highway Swift Travel Center 3051 W. Shamrell Blvd AKDHC Flagstaff Real Estate Navajo Hopi Health Foundation AKDHC Flagstaff Real Estate Holdings LLC AKDHC Flagstaff Real Estate Holdings LLC State of Arizona by and through the Department of Transportation City of Flagstaff Property type Project Location Grantor Grantee Century Link Easement Parcel Number Locator 11661004 Fiber at the Airport 6090 S. Liberator Ln. City of Flagstaff Century Link Easement 10021012A City HaII Fiber 211 W. Aspen Avenue City of Flagstaff Water and Sewer Sidewalk Easement 108-07-024 108-07-024 CED Warehouse CED Warehouse 3180 N. Caden Court 3180 N. Caden Court FIG CED, LLC FLG CED, LLC Waterline Easement PUE Temporary Public Road and Slope Easement 11337001E 11220013B 113100001 (Previous APN 11310001J) CITY CLERK Grantor Temporary Access Easement Temporary Drainage Easement PUE Water Easement Reservation Water Easement Reservation Project ATTEST: Location PUE PUE Public Water Easement PUE PUE PUE PUE PUE Parcel Number Locator 10402057 11210012 11323004J 11201002 10806001 11201001D 11210012 10146003B (Previous APN 10146003A) 11201019 11201019 11337004D 10419117A 11661006 MAYOR Property type Camryn Pines 32 acre site off of JW Powell Property Size in acres 0.0005 .20 acres 0.117 0.08 0.027 0.212 0.2 1.237 Document Number 3806326 3808451 3807779 3807971 3807972 3807973 3808451 3809612, 3809613 Date Recorded 1/1/2018 2/15/2018 0.11 0.16 0.03 0.030 Map shows a proposed 30’ wide easement. 0.47 0.53 0.42 3810029 3810030 3815353 3815788 3815789 3/9/2018 3/9/2018 5/17/2018 5/23/2018 5/23/2018 3816356 3816935 3816764 5/31/2018 6/7/2018 6/5/2018 Property Size in acres N/A 0.01 0.16 0.16 0.068089991 0.436914601 Document Number GEN-2018-150-AG1 3817635 3819638 3819639 3819640 3819641 3822026 3825616 Date Recorded City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff 0.0002 0.06382 9.0744 0.002 3827964 3824881 3827963 3827962 3828174 9/11/2018 10/18/2018 10/18/2018 10/22/2018 APS not defined 3830787 11/30/2018 Document Number 3837246 Date Recorded 3/13/2019 3837247 3/13/2019 APS APS APS City of Flagstaff MMV Devco LLC City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff City of Flagstaff APS APS Property Size in acres Qwest Corporation, 0.65 d/b/a Century Link Qwest Corporation, 0.081 d/b/a Century Link City of Flagstaff 0.03 City of Flagstaff 0.02 3837588 3837589 2/9/2018 2/9/2018 2/9/2018 2/15/2018 2/27/2018, 3/2/18 6/15/2018 7/10/2018 7/10/2018 7/10/2018 7/10/2018 8/7/2018 9/20/2018 3/19/2019 3/19/2019 May 15, 2019 315

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