Legal No. 395IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF ARIZONAIN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF COCONINOTURQUOISE RANCH LANDOWNERSASSOCIATION, an Arizona nonprofit corporationPlaintiffVsDefendantDEEANNA WRIGHT and THEIR HEIRSAND DEVISEES OF DEEANNA KAY WRIGHT, record owners COURT CASE NO. CV2018-00500 CIVIL ID NO. S19-000674NOTICE OF SALE ON REAL PROPERTYNOTICE IS GIVEN that in obedience to the WRIT OF SPECIAL EXECUTION issued by this Court and in the above cause, which Writ and the Judgment described therein by reference are incorporated herein, commands me to sell, and I will sell, subject to the right of redemption in such case made and provided by statute, at public auction, all of the right, title, interest, claim and lien which the parties named in said Judgment had or have in and to the real property hereinafter described, and from the proceeds of said sale, to satisfy said Judgment in favor of the judgment creditor therein named, in the total judgment sum of $6,540.99, together with accrued and accruing interest and costs since the date of entry of said Judgment.The sale will be held at the steps of the Coconino County Superior Court Building, also sometimes known as the main entrance of said Court House, 200 N San Francisco Street, in Flagstaff, Arizona, on the 23rd of July, 2019, at 0900 hours, to sell the following described real property to the highest bidder:Lot 35, of Turquoise Ranch, according to the plat of record in the office of the County Recorder of Coconino County, Arizona, recorded in Book 7 of Surveys, page 46-46E and thereafter amended by Affidavit recorded June 14, 1990 as Docket 1342, Page 765EXCEPT an undivided 1/3 interest of all mineral rights, as reserved in Deed recorded February 28, 1957 as Book 101 of Official Records, Page 488, records of Coconino County, Arizona.AKA: Lot 35, Winslow, Arizona 86047 Parcel No. 406-24-004NOTICE TO JUDGMENT DEBTOR: Title 33, Chapter 8, Article 1 of the Arizona Revised Statutes may permit you to protect your residence from certain types of legal process by recording a claim of homestead. If you are in doubt as to your rights, you should obtain legal advice.Dated this 21st day of June, 2019.On behalf of Jim DriscollSheriff of Coconino CountyPUB: July 7, 14, 21, 2019 395


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