Details for Legal No. 268Flagstaff Justice Court, Coconino County, State of ArizonaCase


Legal No. 268Flagstaff Justice Court, Coconino County, State of ArizonaCase No. CV18-6669SCPlaintiff Horizon 2020 c/o Dave & Lisa Olson 6917 W Villa Chula Glendale, AZ 85310vsDefendant John & Angie Currant 8729 N Chimney Sprints Trail Flagstaff, AZ 86001SMALL CLAIMS COMPLAINT / SUMMONS / ANSWERWARNING: THERE ARE NO APPEALS IN SMALL CLAIMS CASES. You do not have the right to appeal the decision of the Justice of the Peace in Small Claims (Division) Court. If you wish to preserve your right to appeal, you may have your case transferred to the Civil Division of the Justice Court pursuant to A.R.S. 22-504, if you request such a transfer at least TEN (10) DAYS prior to the day of the scheduled hearing.NOTICE OF SUMMONSTO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT(S):You are directed to answer this Complaint within TWENTY (20) DAYS after service of the Complaint upon you, by filing a written ANSWER in the Court named above. You do not answer or defend, you run the risk of having a judgment entered against you for the amount of plaintiff's claim, plus court costs. A filing fee must be paid at the time your answer is filed.Date: 12/20/18 Clerk: PLAINTIFF'S CLAIMThis Justice Court has Jurisdiction because:The incident occurred at: 1524 N Aztec Flagstaff, AZ 86001The incident occurred on or about Jan 2, 2017 and the Defendant owes me $2447.31 because Defendants rented 1624 N Aztec Flagstaff per lease dated 11-14-16 at term of lease, property was left in disrepair. Excessive dirt throughout, carpet cut in center of game room, bedroom mattresses found outside in yard, 8 chairs were damaged foreign liquid substances found on most interior walls. Date: 7-17-18 Plaintiff: NOTICE OF SERVICEPlaintiff: I certify that I will serve or mail on this date a copy of this Compliant to the Defendant at the address stated above.By: date 12/20/18 PUB: Apr, 11, 18, 25, May, 2, 2019 268


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