Best of Flagstaff is an annual event.  Starting in September, readers can vote for the “best” business in each of the 140 categories.  In October, we count up the votes and post the winners in our December Best of Flagstaff Winners Guide.

Best of Flagstaff Logo Use:

Best of Flagstaff and Best of Flag are trademarked and property of the Arizona Daily Sun.  To protect the integrity and use of our trademark, a business must have permission prior to using it.  We believe the usage of the trademark creates an affiliation with the Arizona Daily Sun, our readers and the businesses who are winners.

Best of Flagstaff or Best of Flag Logo Usage Requirements:

Winners are those who have placed number 1 in any category.  A business, who is a winner, can utilize the logo in their marketing efforts for one year from publication of the Best of Flagstaff winner’s magazine, printed each December.  The use of the logo in any way or mention of the names, Best of Flagstaff or Best of Flag, in any media or social networks must receive prior approval from the Arizona Daily Sun. 

  • The logo will not be altered or changed without prior consent. 
  • Winning businesses can only use the logo within a year following publication and only if you placed #1/winner in any category.  
  • Usage must have prior approval by an authorized agent of the Arizona Daily Sun.  Please email with any requests.

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