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Northland Preparatory Academy


Mrs. Toni Keberlein, Principal
3300 E. Sparrow Ave.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Fax: 928-214-8778
Last Updated: July 21, 2017


About Northland Preparatory Academy

Northland Prep is a public, college prep charter school serving 640 students in Grades 6-12.  Founded in 1996, NPA has a highly successful track record in preparing students for college admission and success.

Benefits Available:

  • Excellent Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Arizona State Retirement System
  • Competitive Salaries

Are You, Northland Prep, and Flagstaff a Match?

Come join a vibrant learning community in a beautiful mountain setting!  Northland Preparatory Academy is a public charter school in Flagstaff leading 640 students in Grades 6-12 through a rigorous college prep curriculum.  Find out more about why we are one of top schools in the nation (US News & World Report, Newsweek) by sending us your resume and beginning a dialogue. 

Why You?

Northland Prep seeks passionate, knowledgeable educators who are ready to take on the challenge of our mindset, which is that a teacher’s job is not simply to teach and offer students an opportunity to learn – it is to ensure that students learn.

If that describes you, then ask yourself:

  • Why would you invest yourself in attempting to teach upwards of 30 students in a class when you can actually teach 20?
  • Why be another face in the crowd in a large district when you can be a central partner in a tight-knit team of educators helping students truly achieve success? 

Why Northland Prep?

  • A CULTURE OF LEARNING – We have a 99.8% cumulative graduation rate since our founding in 1996 and over 95% of our graduates go on to college.  Students leave NPA ready for college and careers.
  • SMALL CLASS SIZES – The typical NPA teacher has five class sections of 20 students or fewer, one class advisory/study supervision section, and prep time. Teachers get to focus on teaching.
  • ENGAGED STUDENTS – Our students are comfortable with high expectations and rigorous academics. They encourage each other to succeed and participate. Students are active in the classroom and in extra curriculars.
  • AN ACTIVE SCHOOL COMMUNITY – As a small charter school, our families are invested in the school by choice.  Parents are partners and contribute time and energy into classrooms. Teachers are supported.
  • COMPETITIVE SALARY AND BENEFITS—Our salary schedule is competitive and we offer health and retirement benefits. The health and well-being of our staff is essential.  NPA cares about our faculty and staff. 

Why Flagstaff?

  • A gorgeous mountain setting with four seasons
  • Great outdoor activities – hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding
  • A small city that’s not small-minded – open to a world of tourists and open-minded diversity
  • Home to Northern Arizona University — opportunities for continuing your education
  • Learn more about Flagstaff at and

Job Openings (i.e. Title, Pay, Job Location, Description, Requirements, Where to Apply, Application Deadline, and any other pertinent information):

  • Full Time Middle/High School Math Teacher – must be Highly Qualified
  • Substitute Teachers – Bachelor’s Degree and AZ Fingerprint Clearance required


See  for application information and salary schedule.


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