Traffic Wild Art (copy)

4.South Milton Road/South Plaza Way had 21 collisions in 2016.

Taylor Mahoney

I am concerned that our wintertime daytime temperatures are breaking new highs, and that we are approaching an all-time record for the latest winter snowfall.

While I know that we are in critical need of precipitation, there is a small silver lining to our snowless winter.

I often travel Fort Valley Road (U.S. 180) to visit my brother who lives at the Peaks. My travels there has been delightfully different this year from recent winters. I can actually get up to the Peaks and back in a reasonable amount of time. There is much less gridlock as created in the past by traffic to and from the Snowbowl, and along the so-called “snowplay” areas, and along illegal roadside parking areas beside Highway 180. What a relief!

Thanks to Art Babbott and John Grahame for recognizing the magnitude of the Highway 180 gridlock problem, and for addressing the issue through a recent community forum. Do we really want to market our town as a “Winter Wonderland,” and continue to attract hordes of people from the Valley to clog our roads, change our community character and overcrowd our roads? I think not.

Economic development and tourism marketing are important. But more important is the character, history and unique nature of our community. We need to protect those qualities at all costs.




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