I'm encouraged to see the article on the possibility of a proposed open space initiative for the ballot next Fall. I haven't seen the public invitation to give input into the current list of proposals in order to get the needed buy-in from the public. I'm sure there has been deliberation from this citizen's group, but I would hope it's not too late to consider even more possibilities. Several projects consider recreation.

One form of recreation that was left out was golf. Golfers in Flagstaff are limited to Continental, and to play there regularly is expensive. Would there be a way for this tax proposal to include funding for some sort of city subsidy to pay Continental in the form of reclaimed water or other fees to pass on to city residents for a more affordable round of golf? I for one would enjoy playing more golf on the weekends with my son, at a more reasonable rate. With only one option to play in town, it's not very feasible. With lower rates, I would hope more golfers would play there. Perhaps this initiative could consider something like this.




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