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 This letter is in response to the article, “Aspen Place in Flagstaff nears full commercial occupancy,” in the Arizona Daily Sun published on February 27, 2018.

Isn’t it odd that one of the main arguments against a higher minimum wage for Flagstaff workers was that no businesses would be able to support a $15 minimum wage? Now, almost every commercial space available at Aspen Place is occupied by new businesses. These businesses knew that our minimum wage was going up to $15.50 by 2021, and yet, they still opened their doors here in Flagstaff.

The Koch brothers’ funded Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce proposed repeal of our minimum wage, up for vote in the November 2018 election, on the pretense that raising the minimum wage will be bad for Flagstaff is nothing but a classic case of fear-mongering wage workers into believing they will be without jobs. The fact that new businesses are popping up everywhere in Flagstaff is proof that their claims are phony, just as the name of their Act is phony: “The Sustainable Wages Act.” Who would the repeal of the minimum wage be sustainable for? Certainly not the 30 percent of children living in poverty in Flagstaff, certainly not for the NAU students who work two jobs just to pay rent, and certainly not for the single mothers on the never-ending waitlist for affordable housing.

The notion that Flagstaff will crumble to pieces if our minimum wage goes up is ludicrous, as the aforementioned article proves.




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