What has President Trump accomplished since he took office?

He can take credit for enriching large corporations and their shareholders with his massive tax overhaul.

He can now also take credit for a major increase of the national debt to finance his tax cut.

He can take credit for sacrificing the Arctic National Refuge to oil and gas exploration to help pay for his tax overhaul.

He can take credit for reducing our National Monuments, set aside by past Presidents, to make sure that future generations would still be able to experience unspoiled, wide open spaces.

He can take credit for giving industrial polluters a thumbs up by weakening the environmental Protection Agency.

He can take credit for moving the US out of the Paris Climate Change agreement, demonstrating to the whole world how ignorant he is on this issue.

He can take credit for fueling the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

He can also take credit for diminishing Republican principles of "Traditional Family Values"and "Christian Values." Any President or party that punishes the children who were brought here illegally by their parents, cannot claim to espouse "Christian Values."

One has to ask oneself, why is this President so determined to expunge as many of President Obama's achievements as possible? Is it envy?  Whether he does this to prop up his own image or out of ignorance is anyone's guess.




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