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In response to the guest column, "For this teacher, being armed is breach of trust" (Feb. 25).

There are some statistics (from the that are not often reported:

Current 2018 US Death Toll: Heart disease 93,949; cancer 90,486; tobacco 53,524; Obesity 46,948; medical errors 38,454; alcohol – 15,293; diabetes – 11,697; suicide – 6,541; drunk driving – 5,170; murder by gun 1,758.

School shootings are a significant tragedy. No parent wants to receive the phone call that their child has preceded them in death. Drunk drivers kill 34 percent (based on current CDC numbers) more people than all of the people in the US that are killed by gunfire.

There are no easy solutions to the protection of our children and teachers, nor the rapidly decreasing numbers of qualified teachers. I would support trained teachers carrying to protect their students. There are schools in Colorado and Texas that post signs in the front of their school that personnel in their building are trained and armed.

I was also one of the Flagstaff High teachers who made the “short list” for a student threatening a “Columbine type event” at FHS in 2017. I am very thankful for the police presence in our school. I appreciate their friendly attitudes and support to the FHS faculty and students.




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