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In reading the Associated Press article on the Tuesday Pennsylvania congressional election, I was struck by the media framing of this and other political events. Let’s call it a Republican lens. ("Wake-up call for GOP," Mar. 15) When one reads today’s national and local news, it is through the eyes of the Republican Party. The actions of other political actors are set in a frame of how Republicans interpret that action, what they said about it, and how they feel about it. If the Democrats achieved world peace and prosperity, the headline would read “Republicans reel from attacks by Democratic extremists.”

The story of the young veteran who won a congressional seat unexpectedly was seen from the eyes of Republican consultants, elected officials and of course Trump.

The fascination with Trump is surely tied to the fact that he sells papers, TV time, and air space. But the mono-vision of media has left Americans in the dark about significance; if it ain’t Trump, it ain’t news.

I have yet to see a story about the reason congressional Democrats might stand together for their own policies of fair taxes across all income groups to pay for a national government that provides an equitable justice system, conservation of national resources, respect for all peoples, and excellent education in every neighborhood.

Instead, what prevails is a vision of one party’s triumphs and disappointments for their own sake. Soap opera plots of infidelity and crudeness fill the air, and the public feels that it has lost some anchor of stability and trust. But profits are up across the board for national media. Pulp sells.




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