Dennis Foster comes to the rescue of the Grand Canyon (Daily Sun, 11/02 ). Surprise, his answer is to maximize opportunities for his long-time loves, privatization and the unregulated market. No one I know questions the necessity for private enterprise or the effectiveness of the market under sufficient regulation. The problem is that absentee-owned and poorly regulated development cares little about its impact on local communities no matter how much the developers claim otherwise.

Recent examples:

1- The proposed playground for rich tourists at the South Rim- massively rejected by voters in 2000 because of predictable impacts on Canyon waters and on locally owned businesses ( and still being promoted )

2. The great leap forward in the quest to Phoenix Flagstaff. Ugly buildings like the HUB to serve tourists and NAU students regardless of negative impacts on traffic, noise, parking, congestion and neighborhoods.

3. An ever expanding Snowbowl (Daily Sun, 11/02) providing recreation, mostly to tourists, and arguable economic benefits at the expense of massive and expensive traffic jams.

Foster’s Grand Canyon salvation would make fortunes for those whose overriding value is maximum short-term profit. It’s good to have a reminder from the Navajo Nation rejection of the Confluence proposal (Daily Sun 11/01) that other values can and should prevail.




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