Letter to the Editor

 In all the controversy following Trump’s phone call to Sgt. Johnson’s widow the actual subject matter seems to have been lost: Trump came across as disrespectful to Johnson’s family.

Big deal, you may say. It probably happens thousands of times a day that somebody says something that comes across as disrespectful. All Trump had to do was respond with: “Sorry, I did not mean any disrespect, I will do better next time.”

Oh, but not the great president Trump. How dare the Johnson family to find his phone call disrespectful! And how dare Rep. Wilson telling the media! Trump subscribes to the childish idea that hiding facts from the public would somehow “fix” reality …

Trump does not handle criticism well. To Trump criticism is not about subject matters, criticism is about blemishes to his glorious image. And so instead of addressing the subject matter of the criticism he “fights back” - belligerently tweeting insults, threats, and fake accusations in an attempt to silence his critics.

What about the subject matter of the criticism? Trump does not care about subject matters. Nor does he care about doing his job. Nor does he care about America. All he cares about is projecting the public image of being a glorious president. And yes, faking realities is Trump’s strength.




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