On January 20, 2018, Together We Will, Northern Arizona will host the second annual March for Love (Women’s March). 2017 brought losses and victories, disappoints and achievements and definitely a lot of learning. Last year at this time, we were filled with trepidation but also a sort of excitement at a growing Resistance movement ready to stand up and speak out against injustices. This culminated in Flagstaff’s largest ever march on Jan 21, followed by a year of similarly large marches and rallies.

A year later, we’re a little wiser, a little more tired, and hopefully more committed than ever to standing up for democracy. Resistance to the regressive policies of the Trump Administration and those of our own state legislators introduce will not be easy and it won’t be quick. It requires the sustained focus of all of us working together. Erica Chenoweth, an expert on non-violent social protest, explains that when countries reach 3 percent of their population acting in non-violent protest, governments fall.

Someone asked “why are we marching this year? I felt like last year we had a purpose, but this year, I’m not sure.” I’m still marching because there is still work to do and it is important to place our bodies physically in a space to show that we continue to fight against racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia and xenophobia. I’m marching because there are still some in our community who feel left out.

I want to extend a special invitation to those in our community who may feel like this march is not for them. This march is for ANY PERSON. We invite you to join no matter your gender identity, racial/ethnic identity, or immigration status. We invite you if you spent the year attending rallies and calling Senators or if you did not. If you want to speak out against injustice or discrimination, we welcome you at this march.

It is important that we continue to call our elected officials and also take to the streets to show that we are still here. It is important for us all to stay engaged. Democracy is not a spectator sport and resistance to hate will take stamina. Now is the time to recommit to this goal.

For this reason, I invite you all to join us at Flagstaff’s second annual March for Love. Let’s show our community and our country that we continue to stand up for equality and speak out against bigotry in all its forms.

The March for Love 2.0 will take place from 1-4 at City Hall Flagstaff. Marching will take place 1:30-2:30 p.m.; Speakers 2:30-3:30 p.m.


President, Together We Will, Northern Arizona


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