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It has been nearly half a century since I was a high school student naïve enough to believe a political sound bite like “Never again.” Even a cursory review of our local paper shows the human predisposition for violence is not going to go away just because some legislative body passes a law.

I remember when legislation was passed making it a felony to have a gun on school grounds, thereby creating the “gun-free zones.” The argument of “If we can save even one life...” was put forward, sometimes even with tears.

At the time I posed the question why would making it two felonies for a school shooter deter any of the past school shooters? I never got an answer and I never will. I consider all the shootings since then proof that I was right to question that legislation adopted in an emotional appeal.

One rational solution that could be implemented immediately without legislation would be to actually perform the required background checks. President Trump could order an FBI executive or two who are responsible for background checks be fired. I understand how the media and Democrats will how,l but that will actually address the fact that the Parkland shooter passed the background check.

I don’t oppose expanded background checks, I just oppose the idea that expanding a nonfunctional system will do anything worthwhile in reality. And the reality of school shootings is undeniable.




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