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 Faulty argument by Mr. David Wolf (Wolf's Den, April 3) about gun ban lobbyists. He stated gun owners of all stripes are afraid to openly challenge rhetoric for fear of being "screamed at and attacked." He never stated a single piece of evidence to support his claim. Rather he made vague reference to an incident where his sister, who apparently is alive because she pulled a gun from her purse, and then added he "can only assume anti-gun people prefer she be dead."

A ludicrous, false, dangerously divisive claim. Shame on Mr. Wolf for ignoring the young and old alike who support gun control, which he must erroneously confuse with gun bans, and claim anyone would want his sister dead because she had a loaded purse.

He mentioned a March 20th shooting in Maryland that left the gunman dead before he left much carnage - yet another school shooting by none other than......wait.....a young armed male. Why do gun rights folks fear raising the age limit on gun ownership?

Guns kill, and pressure on politicians to raise the legal age for gun toting, limits on bump stocks, and stricter background are real solutions for keeping our children safe in schools. Those children, by the way, do "learn how to address evil" in the form of lockdown drills. Let's ALL get together to address the issue with passion AND intelligence.




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