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The new parking procedures in Flagstaff may need some modification. I had dinner downtown one Friday night recently and parked as usual in the National Bank parking lot. There was a sign there giving the banking hours. That seemed like nothing new, so I didn't read the rest of the sign. The sign for the parking spot next to mine was different. It said something about city rules. I didn't read that one as it didn't pertain to me. I thought that spot required money in a meter, but not the one I was in.

I went to dinner and came back about 9:30. There was a ticket on my door handle. It said do not move the car. And it gave a phone number to call. I did have my Trac phone with me but I seldom use it and had not powered it up lately. I didn't know what to do, so I decided I had no choice but to get in and drive my car home. I did not see that the front tire had some kind of lock gadget on it. I was able to move the car about six feet, and then I stopped.

Coming back from the restaurant I passed a city employee giving a parked motorcycle a ticket. I decided to go back and see if he was still there. He was. I told him what happened. He said the bank parking lot was a different parking company, but he went back with me and called the number on the ticket. Nice guy. He said the guy he called would be by in just as few minutes, and he was. I used my credit card to pay the

$50 fine and he unlocked the tire lock.

But what if the first city employee officer wasn't there? I guess I would have slept in my car parked in the middle of the bank parking lot. Or I would have tried to find a cab and left the car there. I would have gone home and called the number from there. And then gotten another cab to go back down to the bank. Or I would have had the cab driver call the number and given him a tip. Or, I could have gone to the Monte Vista Hotel in the bar there and asked somebody to call the number for me.

And what about tourists or other out of town folks. They don't know about the parking meters on the corners and the actual parking spaces do not have any signs about paying.




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