Thank you for publishing the AP article in the August 9 issue: "Trump rebutted on climate." It defies logic and rationality to say that the vast majority of scientists around the world are wrong, to say that carbon emissions are causing the problem is a "hoax" and "a con job." The only scientists agreeing with Trump are "industry-funded think tanks." And they are a small minority.

Thirteen federal agencies conclude that global warming is being driven by human activities. It is "unambiguous" they say. They warn "...that burning fossil fuels is already driving a steep increase in the United States of heat waves, droughts, and floods."

So what would these federal agencies have to lose by taking this stand. They could lose their jobs. Trump doesn't believe the government experts.

We can't say that what we are experiencing is a natural cycle. Natural cycles takes thousands of years. The present cycle started about 50 or60 years ago. Maybe a little longer.

I grew up in the 1930s and '40s in a Pittsburgh suburb. The word "smog" wasn't invented yet. There was no smog, but plenty of black soot on the new fallen snow in the winter.

Business is the primary concern of the Republicans. Well, business is important. But it's not more important than the planet we live on. I don't have any kids, but I'm still concerned about the future. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania. Fortunately, I had an uncle who was a corporation lawyer. He stopped the stripping of coal on our farm. But the neighbors weren't so lucky. When I go back for a visit now, there are very few corn fields. The coal was stripped and the huge gouges were not filled back in. The fines were small.

I wonder if Trump will allow the tops of mountains to be blown off again in Virginia and West Virginia to get at the coal easier.




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