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 For the first time since 1950, the upcoming 2020 census will be asking respondents whether they are US citizens. It is no accident that this is happening under the racist and xenophobic Trump administration. It is clear that the inclusion of this question is an attempt to suppress responses by non-citizens, fearful of jack-booted government roundups, in order to limit services to states, counties, and municipalities with large immigrant populations. These fears are not at all unfounded. While the census is designed to be completely anonymous and to measure both citizens and non-citizens alike, it has recently surfaced in the New York Times and Scientific American that in the days following Pearl Harbor, the Census Bureau gave the names and addresses of Japanese people, citizens and non-citizens alike, to authorities so that they could be rounded up and sent to what are still to this day euphemistically referred to as "internment camps." I do not put it past the Trump administration to do the same thing again if this question is included in the next census.

If the citizenship question is included, as it appears now that it will, I for one will strongly consider refusing to answer this question when asked. I ask others to think deeply as to whether they can be part of a process that could deport our neighbors and friends. If even a quarter of us refuse this one question I think it could stymie the process. Enough is enough!




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