My daughter attended Northland Preparatory Academy (NPA). She graduated last year. She is attending Santa Clara University. We are thankful that she obtained such a great education in Flagstaff.

She is presently taking a mandatory class on religion. It has allowed her to broaden her world view. She shared with me an experience in her class two weeks ago.

A Muslim woman wearing a hijab spoke to her about living in America before and after the 2016 election. My daughter's class is called "Ways of Understanding Religion." This visitor to my daughter's class said that since the 2016 Presidential election, she has become hesitant and scared to be in public. She has a daughter and a husband for whom she is scared, too. She will now always scan the area she is walking to assess her risk. She makes sure when she and her family get in their car that they lock their doors immediately. She did not feel this way before the election.

This American Muslim woman attributes Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric and his anti-Muslim travel ban as the reasons why she and her family now have daily fear.

This is truly a sad reflection on America in 2017. I was told by a fellow NPA parent who voted for Trump that all these stories of hatred and racial divide in our country are a byproduct of the "liberal" news media. That is incorrect. The fear felt by minorities, transgender people, immigrants, Mexican Americans and by this Muslim women is real. It is worse than at any moment in my adult lifetime.

We can each make a conscious decision not to tolerate bigotry in any form. If we see it in public, call out the person or persons who are harassing or attacking another person because of their religion, color, sex, sexual orientation or immigration status. Our country will only survive if we defend our constitution that states we are all equal under the law.




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